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Rocky Beach Resort

Summary: Y/N brings her friend Peggy along to her father’s reunion with his old University buddies, only to bump into some boys she hasn’t seen since she was young. 

Author’s Note: This is the first installment of the one-shot series I’m starting based on this post (courtesy of @margxrxtcarter). I’m really looking forward to this series (is it even a series if it’s all one-shots???) xx

Rocky Beach Resort Masterlist


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“Ah, heaven!”

You grinned as you closed the car door behind you, fully taking in the warmth for the first time since your pit stop a few hours ago. You retrieved your suitcase from the back of the car, before turning to Peggy.

“Isn’t this just…”

“Amazing,” she finished, gazing at the surroundings.

The building in front of you was like a huge villa, with a grand porch encircling the ground floor. It was wooden, like a cottage of sorts, but its elegance could be recognised for miles. It was surrounded by large, green trees that reached all the way down to the shore, where the coastline was dotted with little, secret beaches.

“This is how rich I want to be,” she stated decidedly, nodding softly.

“One day…” you sighed.

“Come along, girls!”

You grabbed the handle of your suitcase and began following your father, who had exited the car and retrieved his own suitcase from the boot. Peggy followed suit.

The reason behind why you were going to spend your holidays in this paradise was that one of your father’s old university pals had invited the whole college gang to his holiday home as a sort of reunion. You weren’t unfamiliar with his friends, as you’d seen them a lot growing up. You’d argued your way into letting Peggy come along, seeing as you would have been the only girl there if she wasn’t.

“Well, well, well, look who it is!”

Your father let out a deep laugh as he went over to shake his friend’s hand.

“Long time no see, Joe!” he exclaimed.

“And whose fault is that?” Joe retorted, causing your father to raise his hands in defense.

“We’re all here now, so let’s enjoy it. Y/N, you remember Joe’s boy, Steven.”

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The Age of Ms. Barnes [Part 1 of 2]

Pairing: Pre-War!Bucky/Steve x Mother!Reader

Time-Frame: 1917-1941 (Part I)

Prompt: Loosely based off the movie Age of Adaline, without the romantic part. This idea came to me awhile ago and I loved the prospect of it.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Suggestive Language, and Suggestive Themes.

Word Count: 3,808

A/N: I hold this fic series very near and dear to my heart, even if you all do not know what is in Part 2, yet. It is something very different and tell me what you think! Enjoy x. T

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May 1917

           “Oh, James.” You softly whispered, brushing your fingers over the gentle planes of his small face. “I still remember the first time I heard you come into this world…” The small child nestled in your embrace made a soft cooing sound, gummy mouth spreading in a quiet yawn, before he wriggled and settled back into a slumber.

           You smiled and continued to slowly rock in the chair, humming a quiet and lulling tune. Your gaze lifted to settle onto the new house you had moved into, only a few pieces of furniture in their permanent spots, and sealed boxes of your belongings were piled everywhere. It was a hard time to be taking care of a baby and moving into a new place in Brooklyn, but you knew you could manage.

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A Day in the Studio with Riley Hanson: Woodcut Performance (BFA ‘17)

Part 1 Video

Riley says about his work: “a boy is introduced to the art of wood cut printmaking. His natural instincts, a life of rigorous labor, inform his technique. As a young boy he would wander the fields with his father. Watching the swing of the axe, the destruction of nature, and a fall to an incredible demise. They would venture home and the boy would practice on a small stump his father gave him. He would spend hours swinging his hatchet into the grain. These experiences inform his work, inform his way of communicating through the formal elements of woodcut printmaking. His narrative becomes intriguing yet mysterious in how it parallels the historically rich and dynamic narrative that printmaking.”

Soft power( Angela Tiatia and sun Hailiang) 2015
created over seven consecutive days while on a recent artist residency in Beijing. Exploring the historical ties between Samoa and China, it alludes to the evolution of soft power between the two nations over the last 170 years. Employing the conceit of repetition, we encounter the artist as she continuously moves through and between single and multiple frames. Building on a seam of previous video works in which she performs alone for the camera and in public space, here Tiatia collaborates with male performance artist Sun Hailiang on a sequence of simple, repetitive actions and gestures – finding moments of stillness, absurdity and connection. Whether throwing a partner’s body against a wall, or a discarded bicycle tyre into the air above a cornfield, Tiatia’s practice is tied to the rich history of durational performance works in which artists test the limits of their bodies within the structure of a given task. (installation shot in Artspace, Sydney) Seven channel video, various duration.