install and setup



The Setup can be done for all your games that support Reshade 3.0, and it gives a quick run-through of the various shaders so you can see basically what each one does.  All-in-All a nice tutorial to get you started right with using the new Reshade 3.0 Framework.  Once I get mine set up the way I want it, I will post some Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots.

Would you like to learn more Japanese while having lots of fun? Read visual novels!

I’m really new to this type of learning, since I’ve only just installed this setup, but if you like immersion this is a great way to learn. It comes recommended by a lot of people who have studied Japanese and then found textbooks a bit too boring, so they supplemented with a lot of visual novels.

First of all, if you you’re unfamiliar Rikaichan/Rikaikun addon for Firefox/Chrome, I really recommend installing it anyway. It’s a browser addon that lets you highlight words or kanji and gives you a hiragana reading and an English translation, plus the tense of the verb etc. Well, if you have a handle on basic Japanese grammar and want to try something new, you can use this addon to play visual novels (or anything really) in their original language! 

This reddit page has easy instructions for installing the whole thing. Basically you need Firefox, a text hooking programme (ITHVNR) and two addons for the browser; Rikaisama and Clipboard inserter. The text hooking programme “hooks up” the text from the visual novel. Then the Clipboard inserter picks it up to an empty browser page in real time. That way you can have it next to the game window and look up any unfamiliar words, expressions or kanji. You don’t need to keep opening up a dictionary like you would if you were to read a manga or a novel.