Adventure 1

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“Come on, Catnip. It’s the best of both worlds. We can still spend all summer together, like we planned, and make money too!” He’s pleading, and he never pleads. It’s irritating, and a little weird. I turn away from him, huffing, and he sighs. “At least look at the pamphlet,” he grumbles from behind me.

Gale Hawthorne and I have been best friends since I was twelve, and we’ve had hundreds of adventures together. But this isn’t one I’m interested in.

“Gale, no,” I mumble, stomping through the house towards the kitchen. Though his velvet tread is near silent, I know he’s following me.

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In 1905, inspired by the artist Claude Monet, Madame Thébault decided to create a garden on the Falaise d’Amont with avant-garde elements and overtones of impressionism reflecting Monet’s work.


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Art form

Performance / Instalation 

Meaning installation as the way of performance not of the installation itself, but the people which appear to participate in its existence. Performance of installation appear as it has a possibility to change its visitor’s way of movement or way of thinking about space. 

Robert Smithson way of using mirrors had a big influance as inspiration matterial.