unrefugees  @DiannaAgron > “This is Abu Ahmad and his amazing home in Zaatari Refugee Camp “Two of his sons were killed in Syria and he lives here with his wife, the widows of his two boys and his other children. Another grief-stricken family, but another family showing remarkable resilience. “Despite losing so much Abu Ahmad has worked hard to make this patch of Zaatari feel as much like their home back in Syria as possible. In honor of one of his sons who used to breed birds he has filled their courtyard with brightly colored cages of equally brightly colored birds. And he has a flock of the most bizarrely feather-footed pigeons. He’s also built an almost-fountain and is growing plants and shrubs and mint and vines heavy with the sweetest tasting grapes. “I don’t know how he, and so many other families here in Zaatari, have achieved this when they are essentially in the middle of a desert and when they have so little. It is a testament to the infinite capacity of the human spirit that people can suffer so much yet survive, recreate and ultimately thrive in even the most challenging of circumstances.” Photo: UNHCR/ @jordi.matas Text:@diannaagron ————————————
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unrefugees  Hi everyone. I’m Dianna Agron and I’m here in Jordan with UNHCR. This is the first post in my Instagram takeover. I’d been intending to take my own photos to share with you but I’ve been so focused on listening to people’s stories and learning about the situation out here that I have barely had a moment to take out my camera. Thankfully we’re traveling with a photographer called Jordi Matas who is taking some great images so I’m going to choose some of his and post those instead. So, the photos are his, the captions are me.
So – let me introduce you to this group of young girls I met in a Community Center in Azraq refugee camp. They were a bundle of smiles and very curious about us and who we were. They told me about how much they love to come to the center so they can meet their friends and read books together. They showed me how to write their names in Arabic and in English. When I got up to leave a couple of them slipped their hands into mine and followed me around for the rest of my time there. I was very touched but their immediate trust and the love they showed me.
UNHCR/ @jordi.matas ——————————————–
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unrefugees This is the extraordinary, dynamic and self-confessed ‘hyper’ Bara’a. She is a force. A mass of energy and optimism and defiance and humour. She is a passionate advocate for education and a loud and proud feminist. She was married at the age of 15 but divorced by the age of 16 because her husband reneged on his promise to allow her to finish her education. With words of such grace and humility her father told us that ‘I learnt a lot from the experience. I should never have allowed the marriage to take place. It is a deep regret and a mistake that I will not repeat with my other daughters’. Bara’a ended up completing high school in Syria, just days before they had to flee. In Jordan, despite a very difficult start, she managed to win a UNHCR DAFI scholarship and has just graduated in Journalism. She is utterly determined to forge a career in reporting on women’s issues and the culture, traditions and people of her home country. She told me ‘I want to be the voice of Syria’. UNHCR/@jordi.matas text @diannaargon
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