Chilling with the homie @chris_260 #InstagramWar

Somehow the original draft of this post got lost in cyberspace. That event is probably a good thing because it was just a tirade on how much I despise self-proclaimed foodies. Truthfully, I sort of despise any self-proclaimed insert-label-here type of person. 

Anyway, the truth for this pictures was my silly attempt to upstage my foodie friends on instagram. The ramen burger is quite a new hit here in New York and I know that there is no way it’s made its way to Los Angeles so this was my cheeky attempt to have everyone go “Wow Mike, you eat such amazing food in New York! I wish I had your life!" 

From the moment I ordered to the moment it sat down on my table, all I could think about was how much of an instagram sensation I will be to my friends for introducing them the wonders of the Ramen Burger. This really all stems from a jealousy that I have with these two friends of mine who are always posting pictures of cronuts. But not the cronuts at Dominique Ansel’s where you have to wait in line for two hours for, some joint in Los Angeles where all you do is walk inside and go "CRONUT!” and then it gets handed to you by Spider-Man who works at the fake cronut dispensary in between trying to get a real acting job and scamming tourists in front of the Kodak Theater. Fake Spider-Man, fake cronut, fake city, and fake foodies. What a beautiful town.

But my dreams of instagram stardom was not to be. No one really cared about a burger patty in between two flash fried noodles and why should they? The ramen burger is something anyone can make at home.

I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I crave attention. There are times like this ramen burger picture where I consciously order the food just so I can put it up on instagram and get likes and there are other times when I take pictures that I keep to myself until a friend tells me otherwise. This issue is quite a constant thread in my life. I have composed songs that I’ve spent a lot of time and care on only to present it and have the class give a half-hearted applause. Then there have been times where I postpone my work until the very last minute and scrounge something up thinking that it’s going to fail only to be met with great acclaim. 

There’s plenty of stories where the artist, musician, filmmaker, and writer created something that they thought the public would dislike only to find the opposite result. There are plenty more stories where these same creative people work on something so hard only to be received with negative responses. I’ve always wondered why that was the case and I’m still wondering today because I really thought this ramen burger picture would make me the Ruth Reichl of instagram. I guess I’ll have to settle for me, but being Kermit The Frog’s alter ego isn’t so shabby.