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Lin-Manuel Miranda Oscar 2017 Red Carpet Interview with Robin Roberts

Lin talks his favourite Oscar moments and Dr Luz Towns-Miranda embarrasses her son by gushing about him. It’s very adorable.

“From the time he was tiny, we would sit up and watch the Oscars. And we said: ‘when he goes’ - not if, when he goes, I was going with him.”


ShieldShock Image Set from @shieldshockfanfic
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ShieldShock Fanfiction- Flower Shop AU
written by @pepperpottsplots

A snarky soul mate AU.

Steve grew up with “Hello, how do I passive-aggressively say ‘fuck you’ in flowers?” inked down the line of his spine, which his mother found alternately delightful (such spunk) and also somewhat terrifying (such language! and also why?)

Admin note:  I’ve reblogged this prompt before, as written by another SSF author, but THINK this is the first time for THIS ONE :)  New Image Set, for sure. 

anonymous asked:

Got any predictions for the next round?

I have no idea really.

Kusaka’s doing a pretty good job taking a similar-but-with-a twist direction with SM, with a healthy dose of tossing in midgame plot points right off the bat.

I don’t think Moon should beat him with Pokemon she must’ve recently caught (I’m guessing she caught Mareanie and Alolan Grimer right before she met Sun. I can see why she didn’t pop them out to save Nebby; they’re slow ‘mons and it would’ve been dangerous for them to fight on that narrow bridge as opposed to the flying-type Rowlet.)

I also don’t think Gladion should win the tournament, as to further his own development. And I finally don’t think that this tournament should drag on, and that this battle should be the last one, with Sun being booted off for already having a Sparkling Stone.

…so….diabolus ex machina? Nihelego pops out and disrupts the tournament? And the next round after that Moon does something heroic that grants her the island challenge amulet?