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hxxnim: Congrats on the all kill!!
God Ssamja Kyunghoon sent me a text saying “We’re first place Hyung!!” and when I saw… Thank you so much😢😢
Even though it may seem very lame but me and Kyunghoon are not from the digital chart era so the fact that we got 1st on the digital music charts makes me really happy😍😍
Just yesterday, we both said “Will our song do well amongst the younger people?” but..
Kyunghoon’s and my own fans are mostly from the tape, CD era, so streaming? Is it suming…? Because you’re older, you wouldn’t really know what is it but.. really thank you so much🤗🤗
In the future too, to protect what needs to be protected, so that I don’t forget and so that I remember (Lyrics from Sweet Dream), I will be universe superstar Kim Heechul😭😭
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This scene was so cathartic…I was like YES! YES! Beat the shit out of that asshole.

Missing 9 Episode 10

ruthvsreality  asked:

Patrick having slightly red skin on his neck from Andy's scruff

omfg and it shows up really bright cause Patrick’s so fucking pale and whenever someone asks he blushes and stutters out about rugburn but then they ask how he got rug burn on just his neck and Andy starts cracking up next to him until Patrick smacks him with a flustered glare.