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imagine you and cody get into a really big fight and its not your first fight but its still big and before you know it you’re both screaming at one another when you suddenly mention something sensitive and cody’s face falls. you feel your heart break as you see his eyes water so you rush towards him repeatedly mumbling “I’m sorry” and “babe I love you” and “I didn’t mean it” crushing him in a hug. he sniffles a little hugging you back and wanting to forget about the fight already 

Good Morning- Cody Herbinko Imagine
  • Imagine waking up early in the morning and feeling Cody's warm breath against your neck. His arm wrapped around your waist, where it has remained since you guys went to bed the night before. You turned your head slightly looking at the precious boy that you called your boyfriend. His eyes slowly fluttered open, his baby blue eyes meeting your own. "Morning baby... how did you sleep?" You asked him wrapped your arms around his bare torso. He smiles placing small kisses all over your face, "Great, because I woke up next to you."

but imagine going to see a horror film with cody, he’d probably be really excited at first and be all manly and promise to hold your hand when you get scared but then once it gets to the scary part he’s the one who’s clawing at your arm and gripping you hand so tightly his knuckles are white. and on your way out of the theater he makes sure to be flush against your back since ‘you’ll be safer together’