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finally, after three years of shitty memes exchanged via even worse skype calls, i’ve finally gotten to meet my very best friend @dicaxasinus in person! today we went to nyc and i’m basically dead between that and waking up at three in the goddamn morning.

expect more pictures over the next few days and for me to never shut up about it ever once i’m home.


Dele Alli: Loved by his team-mates, by his manager, by the fans. 

Happy 21st Birthday!

A bad day

Alli: its been a week, but i have no clue what im doing ive heard from a “close” friend that they have seen pix here, but i havent seen her? them? her? him? ugh this is so confusing *she hits her head on the table repeatedly*

Shopkeeper: miss are you going to buy something?

Alli: actually i came in for directions, i got sent here because i heard people were dropping like flies that..although the only reason i actually came was because i was concerned for my friend..friends?…UGH I HATE THIS

Shopkeeper: well unfortunately *points to sign that says paying customers only* im going to have to ask you to leave unless your going to buy some lamps

Alli: ugh fine *Alli fishes out a hundred dollar bill from her purse and buys the smallest lamp in the shop a 6 ft tall floor lamp* now got any info?

Shopkeeper: look kid i only sell lamps i have no clue what your talking about now good day

Alli: wait i have to make a return

Shopkeeper: *points to sign that says “no returns”*