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Say what you want about Degrassi Season 13. Say that it’s been clunky. Say it’s been poorly written. Because at the end of the day, this show has been on for 34 years and continues to break new grounds, deliver outstanding performances, and pull on the heart-strings of it’s viewers. Unbelievable was the most in depth, accurate portrayal of rape ever shown on television. I won’t even say “that is just my opinion”; i will boldly note it as fact. Clare’s cancer storyline was the most emotional and most well performed cancer storyline on this show. Alli’s abuse storyline this season has been the grittiest, most heartbreaking approach this show has ever taken on dating violence.

So maybe Alli’s storyline was “drawn out too long”, maybe “Alli and Leo’s relationship is so pointless”. But at the end of the day, Degrassi stepped outside of the box, outside of the comfort zone on a show that really never steps back for the sake of comfort, and showed us - from start to finish - the dynamics of an increasingly abusive relationship. Whether you chose to disregard her summer storyline or not, Alli was in love; falling deeper and harder for a guy who became increasingly volatile with every ‘second chance’ she gave him - every promise to get help he made. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Degrassi is and always will be the most groundbreaking show on television. Not just for teens - for people.

Being a film major, I have access to every editing program out there; every recourse to legally obtain these Degrassi episodes to edit them and produce this video in HD. However, I decided to instead do things differently. I shot episodes playing on my computer with my iPhone, then edited them together on the iMovie app. In an age where everything is “perfect”, where television glosses over subject matter to remain “beautiful”, Degrassi keeps it real. Authentic. Degrassi isn’t afraid to get messy and up-close-and-personal. And I hope my editing choices on this video display that one-of-a-kind quality Degrassi provides us with every week.

Degrassi truly does 'go there’.