1. August is finals weeks for someone like me who is studying in a trimestral school, so I decided to separate my bullet journal into subjects instead of days
  2. Since I didn’t want to have a hard time flipping between pages, I decided to make it into a vertical dutch door, such that each “door” houses each subject, with all 31 days of August laid out already. All I have to do is plug in projects/quizzes due for each day. 
  3. I decided to arrange the doors according to which subject is first on the schedule. 
  4. At the last page, I have a mini calendar for all other concerns that I have. 

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What do you guys think about this one? Do you think it’s be effective? 

my coworkers follow me on instagram, so i can’t get involved in discourse, but someone @mehcad and say “your track record includes defending a sexual abuser, do you really wanna use that argument?”


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