So now my autograph from Chris is floating around.

This is why I get so scared and hesitant to post things from comic cons. This is the second time something has been taken from me.

@teamcevans has been doing this for years now - taking other people’s content. Has done it to me on Instagram as well and never owned up to it.

Missed my mark on blocking them on tumblr before, so that’s my mistake. And I know that page specifically has been called out in the fandom before.

Some people just have no respect or courtesy. Y’all know what you’re doing when you’re cropping and editing original photos so. Don’t act innocent. It’s not cool, it’s not nice.

It’s actually very hurtful and your inability to recognize that speaks volumes to the kind of person you are.

At the end of the day, I’m the one who had that interaction, who saw Chris light up and laugh at my idea for the autograph. (Im the one who actually asked him to write that btw). So. You’ll always be sorry.


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Exercises for me and my digital tablet <3 thank you Sensei <3


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“Love doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as love. Therefore, there’s no sorrow.”

I’ve finally done an actually finished illustration for Devilman! I had a lot of fun doing this satan has always been beautiful in every iteration of this work, but I really loved how much he glowed in crybaby.

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Janelle’s comment on the video situation:

I am a grown woman. I hold myself the way I want. I am a good role model. I say that knowingly and proudly. I am open and in touch with my sexuality. As a grown woman I am allowed and fine to express and post however I feel on PERSONAL INSTAGRAM . Again, let me repeat my PERSONAL INSTAGRAM. Not my company, not our business , but my own damn expression of my personal life.
I censor myself- yes, might be shocking but TRUST , I do!!!! I am a wild child. I am a free spirit. I don’t promote that you need to show your body or be sexual to gain success. I promote being a strong ass woman with a strong mind and confidence in who you are and what you stand for.

Focusing on a dance video, when there is plenty evil and worse things and people in this world is petty and planned. Your looking for reasons to dislike us. Keep looking. We are actually good and happy people. And I know you can’t stand it :) thanks for the push.

ALSO @nicolekirkland_ THANK YOU for creating an OPEN and free space for woman AND men to come and express. People have so much anger for woman dancing “overly sexual” or “raunchy” but you are actually breaking so many woman out of their insecure shells and make them feel like the most beautiful woman in the room. I witnessed it, and was proud of you for it. Shut out the noise. It’s all AN OPINION. Which everyone is allowed to. Some people just value theirs a bit too much. Keep rising. Love you.


AND LASTLY —— one day I’m gonna be old & saggy. Let me live my best life while I can. Okkkkuuurrreeeee SHANK YOUUUUUUU.

my coworker said i look like i could be a soundcloud rapper after following me on instagram and nothing has ever hurt me like that before