1 Month on Testosterone! Changes so far:
Voice noticeably deeper, more energy, faster metabolism (hungry ALL the time), losing fat and gaining muscle, face oiler/getting some acne (had to start washing my face 3 times a day lol), feel temperature differently (I used to be freezing all the time now I’m hot all the time), I even SMELL different haha like my sweat and stuff… very excited for more changes!!


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161207 | wkorea 요즘 대세죠? 더블유도 자이언티와 함께 마네킹 챌린지에 도전했습니다. 에나멜 레드로 무장한 채 분장실에서 메이크업을 받던 그가 순식간에 조명 아래로 이동! 자이언티와 함께한 화보는 더블유 1월 호를 통해 공개될 예정이니 기대해주세요! #Wshootingday #mannequinnchallenge with @ziont #자이언티 #마네킹챌린지 #editor_sy

(Is this) the trend these days? Armed in red enamel, he quickly moves from make-up in the dressing room down to the lights! W & Zion.T take on the mannequin challenge. Please look forward to Zion.T’s spread in W’s January issue!

okay so I know we all work well out of spite. so I need a favor from all of you. I have a rather irritating friend in cosmetology school who has somewhat of a superiority complex cus she has 11k followers on insta and she’s condescending af sometimes. so like reblog this post, get it around Tumblr as fking much as you can and if ya see it follow my insta @afairyhoe I post memes, some hair styles I do, and selfies. like I aint on that often so I wont clog up your Instagram either. do this for me my guys.
Q&A | Favourite Beauty Products, Awkward Situations, New TV shows
If I had a functional brain I probably could've answered these questions better BUT HEY, I don't so enjoy me being an awkward potato for 5 minutes. FOLLOW MY...