lmao no one asked for this yet here they are 

I read @wintersyettocome‘s fic for hxhbb a while ago but procrastinated on making this, and it’s so cute help me

I like to imagine killua using kurapika’s phone just to annoy him by changing his profile pic. Also kurapika posts pics of his friends cause he loves them

here’s the actual fanart for this by @feastevil

now i’m gonna go die in a ditch bye


Mais imagens da SDCC deste ano. As coleções presentes nas imagens são: 2Pack Exclusivo SDCC2016 (Robecca e Hexiciah), Todos os bonecos que já foram exclusivos da SDCC nos anos passados que a marca Monster High participou, Dance The Fright Away (Welcome To Monster High), Monster High Mini, Shriek Wrecked, How Do You Boo (Novas básicas), Figuras de Vinil, Great Scarrier Reef, Ghoul’s Pet Beast (Cleo e Lagoona), Skelita Calaveras (Edição de colecionador), Draculaura (Ghoul-To-Bat) e Day-To-Night Fashions (Primeira wave). Mais informações em breve.

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Primeiras imagens da SDCC deste ano. As coleções presentes nas imagens são: Dance The Fright Away (Welcome To Monster High), Shriek Wrecked, Ari Hauntington (How Do You Boo) e Day-To-Night Fashions. Mais informações em breve.

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Because we are magic too

Dear Writers,

Hello. You have heard of me, and many others like me. We are the ones that you perhaps glance at once in a while, when you aren’t surrounded by your peers who are just as gifted as you are. Those who can weave poetry with their words and whose thoughts are transformed into perfectly cropped images with fancy font on Instagram feeds. Those who have to simply sit at their desks, laptops, computers or notebooks and (as Mr. Hemingway put it) bleed. Those who have a definition ready for every feeling, and even if they don’t, create definitions out of thin air, yet retain the art of perfection as they do. And it all comes together wonderfully.

Except for people like us.

Those who have imaginations spanning across a million galaxies but we can’t hold the stars in our minds, let alone splash them across on papers like you do. Those who scroll through the same Instagram feeds, wishing that we were as articulate and talented as you, and someday wish to see the universe in our heads painted, etched or even doodled across pretty templates with fancy fonts. Those who have hearts pumping, pulses racing and the wheels in our heads turning with just as much fury in our blood as you..but our desks, laptops, computers and notebooks look at us, cobwebbed and defeated.

But, that doesn’t stop us from doing what we do best.


We read your thoughts, your fears, your hopes, your grief. We make them our own and smile just as fondly as you did, when you penned them down. We devour every word that our eyes flit across and see them take shape, from wisps of ink blots to characters with flesh, blood, sweat and soul. We consume the depths of emotion you give life to, and we sigh at the wonders that our minds can do. We live your stories. We dream your victories.

We believe in you.

For no writer could ever be complete without his reader. No storyteller could ever survive without his audience. No great idea was ever accomplished without those who believed in the execution of your brilliance. No performer could ever have his heart explode with passion, without the thunderous applause of his well wishers.

So remember us, when you give us fragments of your soul. And do not belittle us when we struggle for words. Do not crush our spirit when we try to string together a few words that may not be extraordinary in your eyes. For, your soul needs our minds, and our minds need you.

And that, dear Writers, is the absolute truth.

Yours faithfully,

A Proud Reader But Not Really A Writer