15 Ways To Tell That You’re Addicted To Instagram

Everyone who refreshes their Insta feeds more than 10 times a day–or more than 10 times a minute–and posts regularly definitely has some embarrassing Instagram habits. Trust me, you’re not alone. If you’re as addicted to Instagram as I am then here are 15 things you definitely do.

Galaxy Nails! This was partially inspired by The 100, which I recently started watching! 😎 

Polishes used were: 
• Starry Starry Night and Mint Candy Apple by Essie
• Mr. Positivity by Sephora Formula X
• Peacock by Joe Fresh
• Lacey Lilac and White On by Sally Hansen
• Wuthering Heights by A England
• Fairy Dust by China Glaze

Unfortunately the holographic glitter in Fairy Dust wouldn’t show up in the photo when my camera focused, but it’s there in real life!

Triple Corgi Booty Tuesday with Machete, Knives and Cali Jean! 🍑🍑🍑 #MomosForDays #corgi #weeklyfluff #dogsofinstagram #pupwalkscenes #woofpack #calijeanthecorgi #knivesthecorgi #machetecorgez

These are a few of my favourite recent photos on My Instagram! I’ve had an addiction to pastel colours lately and I think my photos have been reflecting this :P I love the sort of ‘Pretty in Pink’ theme going on! You can see these photos, as well as all my others, on My Instagram Page and My Photo Album… Right, well I’m going to drag myself from my laptop to paint my nails pastel blue ^_^ <3

                                  MUNDAY     SELFIE
    just    got    back   from    work    edition.
( ;; my face is so disproportionation it’s unreal and those eyebrows.. Ugh, I had a bad brow day ok; time to get RPing though! ;; )