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Ryan Ashley looking gorgeous with the Bride Of Frankenstein hair


I am very excited to share some personal news. I finished my master’s degree in Communication Disorders! (and am now in the process of trying to find a clinical fellowship position.) And Lauren graduated from law school this last weekend and I am very proud of her! @originalmeaningofalternative

“Or is it…?”

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well, i’ve finally gotten the first page of this comic done! in this comic i’m going to explore some loose ends in breath of the wild’s story, as well as showing off… well… let’s just say, a battle we were all expecting.

first comic i’ve started working on in my 2017~2018 lineup of comics i’ve conceptualized. if you like the comic, please show your support for an artist and help get my work known! a like and a re-blog go a long way!


Lili is the Queen of seducing her instagram followers haha she’s mastered the art of the wink and pouty look xD after her hot peachy photoshoot session….. and then there’s Cole with Salem a cat in his lap sending hearts to his followers. Just a daily round up of these two’s instagram stories.