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the flu

“love why did you like a post from last year on instagram?” chris called you late that night after seeing the notification in the midst of a flood of others. 

“i’m sorry i just sneezed and liked it.” you played it off as a joke. 

“and commented “damn daddy” on all of my selfies?”

“i have the flu.” 


Beyoncé rocks genderless brand Palomo Spain in first photo of twins Sir Carter and Rumi

  • Today, we have been blessed. Today, we have been graced with the presence of not only Beyoncé, who’s been MIA since the birth of her twins, but her glorious, tiny, adorable twins, Rumi and Sir Carter.
  • On Instagram late last night (East Coast time), Beyoncé dropped one of the most dramatic baby reveal photos of all time.
  • The look is glorious, godly and divine, and of course we rushed to figure out what, exactly, she’s wearing.
  • Turns out, Beyoncé picked a relatively unknown brand for this ensemble. She’s wearing a floral coat by Palomo Spain, an incredibly new (they showed their first collection earlier this year) and progressive brand that’s reinventing what we consider to be menswear, led by designer Alejandro Gómez Palomo. Read more. (7/14/17, 10:13 AM)

cosplay aesthetic challenge + data cosplay

“If being human is not simply a matter of being born flesh and blood, if it’s simply a way of thinking, acting, and feeling, then I am hopeful that one day I will discover my own humanity.”