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Modern day Yu-Gi-Oh headcanons

We all know that Yugioh DM was set in the late 90s. But what if it was set in 2017? Comment with your headcanons!

Tea/Anzu: Instead of working as a waitress, she teaches Zumba and Soul Cycle classes.
Ryou Bakura: runs a popular Welcome to Night Vale fan blog between possessions. Also, man bun.
Joey/Jounochi: (American dub) upset by the gentrification of Brooklyn.
Yuugi: currently holds the record for quickest escape in Japan’s most difficult Escape Room.
Tristan/Honda: spams Facebook with memes.
Kaiba: was on an episode of Undercover Bosses. It did not go well.
Mai: YouTube and Instagram beauty guru. Especially popular for her Duel Monsters inspired looks.
Grandpa: ends all his texts with “-Solomon” even to Yuugi.
Bandit Keith: Trump supporter and has an alt-right Twitter account.

edweird0: Omfg wonho’s mom thought I was a member of Seventeen so she came up to me to ask and I was like “no :(” LOL. People always talk about how nice she is but girl she is SO nice lol we were sitting there spilling the t throwin a lil shade *tongue pop* looool. She wants Wonho to go back to black hair cos the bleaching is unhealthy for his scalp but they don’t know as it’s ultimately up to Starship ㅜㅜ☁️

Taco Tuesday: Sophia Miacova

Sophia Miacova is an Instagram model and fitness guru from Texas and of Mexican & French descent. She has over 2.7 million Instagram followers while representing a vegan lifestyle.

Height: 5′ 7″

Measurements: 32-23-34

Instagram: @sophiamiacova

i’m asian american myself but i’m getting really tired of asian americans name dropping and trying to name drop / ride off the fame of having “connections” (fake) to kpop and their idols. it’s so annoying that so many of them are trying so hard to get famous using kpop fangirls as their tool to fame. looking at all the instagram “models” and beauty “gurus” and their terrible foundation.

when skincare gurus and instagramers blog about their favorite skincare products or post their regimen like “…and that’s it! no makeup needed!” i’m like moisturizer ain’t gonna do it for me hunny!!!! fuckin vitamin c serum doesn’t function as foundation it only does that when ur 21 and rich with perfect skin already!!!!!!!!!!!!