instagram guru

edweird0: Omfg wonho’s mom thought I was a member of Seventeen so she came up to me to ask and I was like “no :(” LOL. People always talk about how nice she is but girl she is SO nice lol we were sitting there spilling the t throwin a lil shade *tongue pop* looool. She wants Wonho to go back to black hair cos the bleaching is unhealthy for his scalp but they don’t know as it’s ultimately up to Starship ㅜㅜ☁️

sharanguru: “Karupee”
“Yaen ivala karruthutta?”
“Because I fucking can and I look like chocolate.” Which is the response I should have given Tamil Aunties every time I came back from vacation.
I was truly always afraid of getting “too dark” or “too roasted” when I went out in the sun or went on vacation. I was afraid my family or relatives/friends were going to make me feel like I was less because the sun blessed me with more melanin. However there was always one person that made me appreciate my skin more and made me love getting darker. Thank you to my cousin and self love inspo @thurka. Thank you for always standing up to shadeism and explaining to me that being dark skin is just as beautiful as being lightskin. Thank you for telling me that it’s okay if some parts are darker than other parts of my body. Thank you for tanning and getting so excited over getting 6 shades darker when we would go on vacation. Thank you for being my number one advocate for my own skin that I didn’t believe in. If it wasn’t for your self love, I wouldn’t have mine today ❤ P.S thank you to my love @tristannu for making me feel like fine chocolate as always 😘😘😘 📸 @tristanuu

i arrive at the pearly gates. saint peter looks me up and down just once and does the instagram makeup guru finger wag. a trapdoor opens up beneath me and i am dropped directly into hell

instagram beauty guru: pretends like they’re about to eat their makeup and then shakes their head and wiggles their finger


Modern day Yu-Gi-Oh headcanons

We all know that Yugioh DM was set in the late 90s. But what if it was set in 2017? Comment with your headcanons!

Tea/Anzu: Instead of working as a waitress, she teaches Zumba and Soul Cycle classes.
Ryou Bakura: runs a popular Welcome to Night Vale fan blog between possessions. Also, man bun.
Joey/Jounochi: (American dub) upset by the gentrification of Brooklyn.
Yuugi: currently holds the record for quickest escape in Japan’s most difficult Escape Room.
Tristan/Honda: spams Facebook with memes.
Kaiba: was on an episode of Undercover Bosses. It did not go well.
Mai: YouTube and Instagram beauty guru. Especially popular for her Duel Monsters inspired looks.
Grandpa: ends all his texts with “-Solomon” even to Yuugi.
Bandit Keith: Trump supporter and has an alt-right Twitter account.