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My super good friend drew trans!Jackieboy Man as well! She’s so cool and talented!!! Go follow her on Instagram! at @mims_maccas 

(I do NOT own this artwork. I have been given permission by the owner to post it here.)


I’m in a sour mood because my iPod 5 isn’t turning on past the Apple logo (it’s been plugged into the computer and stuck at the Apple logo for over 12 hours now and I can’t put it in ‘disc mode’ either). If I didn’t rely on the iPod 5′s great-quality camera for my photography, I wouldn’t have a huge problem throwing it away and sticking with the older iPod models that I have (with much less to offer in camera quality). But I do rely on it, so if I can’t get this thing to work, it’s an opportunity to upgrade to either an iPod 6 or a DSLR (both used/refurbished)… I’m leaning towards the iPod 6 because it’ll be cheaper but if I can find a good DSLR for $300 or under, I’d be willing to look into that. But then again, you don’t necessarily need a DSLR. On the other hand, I could finally get some decent night shots using a DSLR and all the pictures I take with it would be high quality (and I wouldn’t have to worry about degrading the quality if I blow the picture up). I’m so conflicted and mad at technology for forcing me to make this decision.

Anyway, have some cool pictures from earlier this month. They are copyrighted, so please don’t repost without permission and credit. However, likes and reblogs are more than welcome!

theres-no-netflix-in-prison  asked:

I feel like people forget that there are banks outside of the US. Even at that, I've had transactions flagged for similar reasons of being dodgy establishments. Which, I feel, is the important part of the story people keep skipping over. Banks /do/ have records for that sort of thing. It's not what you buy-- it's the amount and the location that's a tip off.

I know, right?! I’ve explained it before (so many times at this point), but essentially what happened was that my local supermarket was targeted by card fraudsters, meaning that the supermarket was marked down as an alarm bell by my bank. When I tried to buy the healthy ready meal, my bank was alerted to the fact that my card was being used at a shop which had been marked as a hotspot for card fraud, and the purchase was denied and my accounts were frozen as a preventative measure. It just happened to be the first time I’d bought a healthy ready meal instead of some grotesque preservative-filled concoction, so I thought it was funny. People on Tumblr care about very weird things.

I’M DONE WITH THIS POST, I JUST FINISHED MY MASTER’S DEGREE AND I WANT TO BE ABLE TO POST ABOUT OTHER THINGS but all my notifications are just ‘dis not tru’ and people are messaging me about it in varying degrees of rudeness and just??? go away????