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This is the Shawn I love!!! This!! Made my day❤❤

Sleepless night (Shawn Mendes)

I loved writing this cosy imagine with Shawn x Sorry it’s short tho. Like realllyyy

Requests are open! 

Request:  Can you do one where it’s late and y/n can’t sleep and she’s really needy and all she wants is shawn to cuddle her but he’s trying to sleep and first he gets aggravated that she’s awake but ends up being very sweet? ❤️

Second part

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I felt cold at night, not only because of the fight I had with Shawn, but because his body was so close to mine but yet so far away. He wasn’t wrapping his arms around my waist like he always did. I was hoping to feel him move closer during my sleepless night but he snored gently on his side of the bed. Turning to the other side I faced our window. Where tiny droplets of rain raiced down. Looking at the window I again remembered our fight we had. Him yelling at me while holding his guitar. I accidently ripped one of the strings and he got really mad about it.  Squeezing my eyes together, attempting to hold back the tears, as I stayed cuddled under the blankets, trying not to wake Shawn. Part of me wished he would wake up and pull me closer to him while the other part was scared that he would be even more mad at me than before. I turn around facing Shawn. My eyes trailed up and down his sleeping angelic face. Quiet sigh leaving my mouth. His eyes flutter open making me quickly shut my eyes yet again. Long sigh escaping his mouth when his hand touched my wet face. I held my breath when Shawn rolled over to me, his hot breath tickling my neck. Muscles flexing when both of his arms instantly traveled around my waist locking around it. His lips leaving a small kiss on my neck then his head burying in it. “Shh” he whispered, his sleepy voice mixing with the sounds of rain. “I’ll help you sleep” quiet hum leaving his mouth making my eyelids heavier with each second as I fell asleep protected and loved in his arms.


170714 Donghae’s discharge -  Instalive with Hyukjae! 

* playing ‘Growing Pains’ in the car, Hyukjae singing too ~
* Hae showed us his discharge confirmation card.
* He said he couldn’t greet the fans properly due to safety. There will be D&E fanmeeting, so better watch out~  

Hyuk: (going) Home! 

Hae: Since yesterday midnight, despite the hot weather many fans came so i gained strength this morning.

Hyuk:  I was very nervous and my heart fluttered so much I couldn’t sleep. I think in the morning, (around) 5:30 ~ 6:00 am was when I went to sleep. So before roll call I slept for about 10 minutes and woke up in the morning (wondering) if this is a dream or reality.. I have no words to express how thankful I am.. I am so happy. (Reading someone’s id) I am going home. 

Hyuk: Who are you talking to? You can also talk? 

Hae: Yes.

Hyuk: Can you hear me? Can you hear? Write in Korean, everyone. Wow Mexico.. We have to go back to South America again.

Hae: We should go.

Hyuk: I want to go to South America.. and finally D&E is back. We’ll hurry up with a good album and really give you guys lots of presents. Really at my discharge and Donghae’s, so many of you came but i think we didn’t properly get to say thank you so I feel sorry.. But we have our fanmeeting left, everyone! We should have a good time.  (c) (c)