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Where to go in the Caribbean? Dominica

What a wonderful little island full of friendly people and amazing hikes throughout the tropical rain forests. I can honestly say that out of all the islands I have been to in the Caribbean, the people here are the nicest. 


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Style is about individual expression. Follow the trends that you want, wear what you want, spend the amount that you want. The only tip I have for you is to make sure you’re comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. When you’re comfortable you’re confident.

Be strong. You can get passed inthis. The first step, however, is to believe that you can.

Is there a person in your life who you can call a mentor? If the answer is ‘yes’ that’s great news. Hold on to them. If the answer is ‘no’, we hope it’s only a matter of time before you meet someone you can connect and grow with.

In the meantime, we’ve teamed up with a group of women who are inspiring, thoughtful and experienced. They’ve answered some of your career-related questions and dilemmas in a new series we’ve launched on Instagram Stories called Share it, solve it: mentoring on the go. Our ambition is to offer women around the world support and solidarity. You can check it out on our Instagram account: @guardian before 5PM BST today (stories expire after 24 hours).

If you have a question you’d like us to tackle next, you can direct message us on Instagram or email with ‘Share it, solve it’ in the subject line.


In fashion you should always take chances, the worst thing that can happen is you don’t like the outfit but at least you can say you tried something new.

Top: adidas/ urban outfitters
Bottom: hm
Shoes: toms
Wallet: batman😩


WHEN YOU ACCIDENTALLY LIKE YOUR CRUSH’S INSTAGRAM staring Stephanie Frosch (ElloSteph), Shannon Beveridge (NowThisIsLiving), and Erica Tamposi.

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