Chen - 150829 Coffee Greate Instagram update: “#뮤지컬 #인더하이츠 연습실에서 #인피니트 #동우 #커피차 #서포트 중 음료 주문하러 오신 #엑소 #첸 배우님 사진 요청 조심스럽게 드렸더니 아! 그럼요! 하시며 흔쾌히^^ 음… 어떻게 찍지? 하시더니 팬분들께서 준비해오신 부채와 씨디 집어드시곤 #동우 배우님 팬코슷ㅋㅋㅋ #아이스아메리카노 떠블샷으로 드셨어요^^”

Translation: “Actor #EXO #Chen came to #Infinite #Dongwoo’s #coffee #support truck during #musical #InTheHeights rehearsal to order a drink. When we carefully requested a picture, he replied "Oh! Of course! ” and gladly accepted^^ When we said “Um… how should we take the picture?” he quickly held up a fan the fans prepared and a cd and cosplayed as actor #Dongwoo’s fan ㅋㅋㅋ He drank an #IceAmericano with double shot added ^^“

Credit: coffeegreate.

Центральный музей древнерусской культуры и искусства имени Андрея Рублёва
Andrei Rublev Central Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art
Место: Андроников монастырь. Москва. Россия.
Location: Andronikov Monastery. Moscow. Russia.
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Maybe tried pushing a bit too hard in #LesMills #Grit #Strength today, going higher in my heart rate than I have ever done before (since measuring). However sometimes you have to push your boundaries, plus in this case part of me felt the need to push. The last few weeks I let work bullshit get to me and I let it affect my routine, part of that was being away for work and not having proper workout facilities. However if you have the dedication you use what you have at your disposal and I didn’t for over a week. While I did swim every single day it’s not quite the same as doing regular workouts, it’s a good change for a little but it should be an addition not a replacement. I think I have regained my focus though, found my spark again. Still have to adjust my diet (I had gone back to three meals a day rather than five or six) to my old regime. At least I now have the (almost) certainty that I have a job in October, before I didn’t have that. The office is closing down in five weeks and we’re all looking for a new job, in my case it went fast and I have two major companies (like giant conglomerate companies) making me an offer. Now I have to consider which one to take. I’m actually looking at my own personal well being as one of the jobs is less than ten minutes from where I live, with a company that holds the health of their employees in high regards. A department full of healthy eating and fitness nuts. Plus if I have a job that close to home I would be able to work out in the morning before work, so I’d be able to give a new dimension to my workout routine. Last Tuesday I was in my #Bodypump class and I noticed how my body has truly change, how my arms have gotten bigger and my waist has gotten smaller. That was a moment when I realized that yes, I want to get big muscle wise. Not extreme steroid muscle but big none the less. I want to get there in a healthy way obviously. Being able to work out in the mornings would give me the opportunity to work out muscle groups rather than total body workouts. I will keep doing things like Grit because I simply enjoy it too much and for me that push is something which me go harder, also in my regular workouts. I’m ready to