Gorgeous sea cliff, Sea cave, ocean, and sunset shots over the Atlantic viewed from Portugal.


Toadstool rocks from Canyonlands National Park, possibly with a guest doing Yoga.

12. 10. @amosoliver90: I love my onesie twin. Although you’re living your life on tour right now, your heart and soul are still here with me! I can’t wait until I can squeeze your tiny little self again!!!! Go enjoy being a “dangerous woman” so you can come back and we can have our onesie nights again! I love you ‘baby bead’ 👶🏼♡ ♡ ♡♡ ♡ ♡

By: Lilla

Thanks to the recent cold snap, one of the world’s most awesome skating rinks is now good to go!
Can’t wait to skate through the Lake Louise postcard this winter!
Self-portrait, Lake Louise.
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