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If There's God (of Social Media)

@kazliin I’m not done with coping from your destructive chapter.

I cannot write angst, thank god for that. So there’s my semi headcannon/hopeful thinking of what happen behind he screen?? This is heavily inspired by @kixboxer ’s idea of Victor’s secret internet accounts


Victor Nikiforov have two instagram account.

He also have two twitter handle.

One of the account in each platform are ratified, blue ticked, and co-managed by Yakov’s PR team during the time of need such as posterity shots, events and exclusive shows announcement.

The other account, however, lacks the mark of legitimacy, have less than 3 digit followers in contrast of millions in his official accounts, also running mainly on Katsuki Yuuri based content.

His second instagram especially, conspicuously named poodleonskate, is an avid follower of Phicit Chulanont’s account and religiously liking every single post tagged #spottheyuuri, won at least 3 giveaway post (2 of them are Yuuri Merchandise, the other is artisan nail polish set) and mainly posts random scenery photos and Katsuki Yuuri’s screengrab stills.

His other twitter also used to liking and retweeting every Yuuri-content from Chulanont’s feed. He also used the twitter to gush about Yuuri with fellow Yuuri fans, that probably will shred him alive if they know that he’s… well.. him?

Victor probably spent more time using his unofficial account more than Yakov would like. He almost failed to be surprised when Mila casually commented on his post as poodleonskate, she probably caught him engaging some excited foray with twitter user yuurifan1275 about Katsuki’s new exhibition skate. Yakov apparently knows too and offhandedly warned him about personal information and maintaining public image.

That didn’t stop him to occasionally slip. The worst slip on came in the form of liking one of Chulanont’s instagram post using his official account.

(“Holy fucking shit?”, Phichit choked and ultimately sprayed the half chewed remains of his breakfast all over the kitchen table. The notification in his phone stayed innocently.

‘V-nikiforov, blueducky, saracrispino liked your post
#spottheyuuri #cocolacafe #spring #detroit #dogfriendslife ’

“Ew.” Yuuri crossed the livingroom with disdainful eyes towards their table and the remains of Phicit’s breakfast all over their dingy table.

As much as he wanted to share the extraordinary happening in his sns life, Yuuri getting aneurysm this early in the morning is not exactly the best scenario for everyone involved.)

Yakov gave him an earful afterwards while his rinkmates watched from the rinkside with varying degree of amusement and secondhand embarrassment. Half an hour and several ‘yes coach, not going to happen again’ thrown, Victor’s back on the ice with nothing but slight mortification and cold dread of someone caught red handed. Despite himself, a traitorous part of his mind cannot help but being thrilled of the outcome.He slightly hoped that Yuuri (or Phichit, and then by proxy, Yuuri) would comment on it.

They didn’t.


Donna Francie @bingowednesday
What just happenED?!!!! OMG!!

Eloisethecat @bonnie-bie
@bingowednesday Victor liked a #spottheyuuri post??#whatdoesthatmean #viktuuri

Victuuriistotallyreal @just-inn
Excuse me while I’m draining my tears out #viktuuri

Bluescluesboy @JonahLi
@bonnie-b @bingowednesday here we go again…

Viktorlove @sundayterrs
@JonahLi Ikr?! It’s just a lke?!! We all know Victor LOVES dog? Like LOVE LOVE? That post have a cute dog!! Not evrything is abt your gross shipping!

Zaskia G. @chameleonarecute
Another day in FS fandom.. #viktuurilimbo #spottheyuuri

ひめこ。西山 @kumahimee
Can confirm that Japanese twitter also lost their shit. #instagate #spottheyuuri #viktornikiforov #katsukiyuuri #figureskating


After the Big Reveal, years worth of tears were spilled within a day, heart wrenching apologies, more kissing, and tedious ceremonies and official duties performed with hands on each other’s body parts, the floodgate finally opened.

Within an hour V-nikiforov’s official account already liked every post tagged #spottheyuuri, compilation videos of Yuuri singing in the livingroom while dipping a mop, every Katsuki based aesthetic blog, and various account’s post in which Yuuri is tagged.

(“Holy shit.” Ketty said as her feed flooded with notification after skating legend Victor Nikiforov, also Yuuri’s supposed arch nemesis retweeted her post about Yuuri’s FS composing session, liked In her instagram featuring her equipment that was used in composing Yuuri on Ice song.)

(“Holy shit” said professor Gilman of Advanced Trigonometry class after his usually barren instagram feed exploded after someone named V-nikiforov liked his last year’s class photo featuring international student slash campus heartthrob Katsuki.)

“Really.” Yuuri asked dryly, but the corner of his mouth are soft and fond.

Victor looked him straight in the eyes, his eyes are sporting the same puffiness as Yuuri and as red. His nose is still clogged when he answered but his grin are terribly (terribly) blinding.


Phicit+chu posted


I totally appreciate the likes guys, but #reallyvictor? #nowweknow #wegetit #littleyurihadbenscreamingfor10minutes #guys #guystherearechildrenpresent #pausethekissing #victuuri #lovewins #Iamthebestman


so @berry-happy-tokki wanted me to write this prompt for her ans everything got so soft and im;;; i hope u like it and also sorry im always half gone and i might disappear more these days so here i hope this will suffice @c-cygnus @pjungkook @yahjiminie @inlovewithkook i lov u!!! sry for not always being the best mutual or person out there,,,,,,💕💕
he has pink hair, always dresses fluffily in sweaters, long sleeves and pastels. perhaps it’s a phase? jeongguk’s only been a barista at this outlet for a month or so since he moved over. and yet every single time when jeongguk takes his order, at 4pm every wednesday and friday, the boy- who’s about half a head shorter, might he add, that is totally not cute- always comes to the counter ordering an americano double shot with no milk and no sugar. his lips are always pressed into a grim line, taut when he orders.

perhaps he’s making that order wrong then- his faithful customer, jimin (as what he says to write on the cups) always ends up making a scowl and a weird face of displeasure and grossed out. jimin’s really cute, jeongguk thinks- so perhaps this 9th cup would suffice for him to strike up a decent conversation. the shop’s customer flow is slowly trickling down, about to close early for the night today. seokjin will probably manage fine as he goes to chat the tiny cute fairy up.

“hey, hi- i’m the one who makes your order and every time you make a scowling face when you sip it so i was wondering if i screwed it up again or-?” jeongguk awkwardly says, after tapping jimin on the shoulder and the pinkette whirling around from the high chair.

and oh wow, he’s gorgeous. 101% stunning.

“are you trying to act mature or something,” jeongguk adds, since jimin just blinks at him. the light hits him just right at every angle there is to see, and hang on, are those gradient lips real?

“no… i just thought i’d try to be manly for a change and-” jimin mumbles back, paper cup clutched in his hands cutely. he’s so squishy, damn it. jeongguk loses track of what jimin has to say, charming busan accent fading into static as he leans in closer to inspect that pretty face.

“jeongguk-ssi!” jimin squeaks, when their noses almost bop due to jeongguk inching in all mesmerised. his loyal customer’s sat the cup down firmly, using a warm hand on jeongguk’s chest to stop him from moving closer so the barista snaps out of it.

“oh sorry- i mean, your eyes are really pretty and- actually, are those the super shock shimmer eyeshadows from colourpop?” jeongguk breathes, close enough for jimin to see his long lashes and the beauty marks and veins on the more translucent areas of skin.

“oh yeah, they are,” jimin swallows, this barista’s probably the most observant and beautiful guy ever- heck, even his nose is really adorable?!

they continue staring at each other for a few more fragments of a moment, time ticking by painfully slow, jimin can see jeongguk’s adam’s apple bob, jeongguk can see jimin playing with the rings on his fingers.

“um, sorry you were saying about something like being manly?” jeongguk prods, voice cracking a little, parched from staring with his mouth open. “i think this jacket,” he continues, tugging at the hem of baby blue fuzz, “needs to come off first.”

“you think so?”

“yeah. actually, i think, if you don’t mind- i can uh, lend you my jacket, maybe? you don’t have to, haha, it’s just a suggestion; i kinda get inspired by Gloss, y’know that underground rapper? yeah and i end my shift in a bit so if you don’t mind waiting-?”

he nervously plays with his bangs, waiting for jimin’s answer, a little hopeful the way the latter scrunches his face, deep in thought.

“i’ll wait.”

(jimin’s voice is soft and smooth like a s'mores frappuccino drizzled with caramel sauce.)


jeongguk walks jimin home after dinner, the smaller man donning his black leather jacket. “say jimin- could i maybe have your, i don’t know- twitter? instag-”

“i absolutely don’t have instagram!” jimin implodes. man, so much for taking it slow and choosing not to ask for his number so quickly, jeongguk thinks, “oh. sorry- maybe your kakao id then?”

“can i just give you my number instead?” he squeaks, hyper aware at his sudden outburst.

(jeongguk’s more than happy to oblige.)


a few days later, it occurs to jeongguk in the middle of the day while making a matcha latte, that the way jimin had reacted was far too suspicious- seriously, he didn’t even ask for his particulars or anything personal so why the violent reaction? plus, jimin was such a looker and there was no reason why he wouldn’t take any selfies to brag.

he searches up jimin in the tab of the app during lunch break, and holy shit is all he has to say when he clicks on the search result with a cute selca of what seems to be jimin. 907k followers?! at this point, jeongguk thinks he’s going crazy- this must be a caffeine rush or something;

and no he absolutely does not click follow and subscribe to the youtube link in the biography immediately. jeon jeongguk does no such thing.


he goes home after the night shift today, and he buffers the latest video jimin has on his youtube channel. from what his not-yet-finished-stalking self has found, jimin shares a channel with his flat mate taehyung, who’s in a modelling academy. they both vlog occasionally, and jimin usually does makeup tutorials while taehyung goes for fashion lookbooks and hauls.

he buffers the latest video for starters while he goes to take a hot shower. [CHIM] First Love: Burgundy Makeup!❤️🔥

“… and i think i really like him, guys.”

jeongguk mid-freezes with hands on his towel as he steps out of the fogged out mirrors and glass, having been streaming the video definitely not at 1080p. it’s quiet save for jimin’s sweet voice echoing into his bedsheets and the water dripping down his hair. he’s never towelled his hair this haphazardly and thrown on a white shirt this fast to jump on his bed and rewind the entire video.

“hello angels! it’s me, chimchim!” jimin will greet his viewers, as he bounces excitedly in his seat, briefly addressing some questions in the previous video, giving some tips on how to do a winged eyeliner, what brand of hairspray he likes. and god, jeongguk could listen to that angelic voice on loop for like, an eternity.

“a quick update that… remember the guy at the coffeeshop i told y'all about? yeah… he kinda… gave me his jacket? so i wear it all the time now,” jimin says, flustered as he arranges his makeup brushes on the table and preps his palettes and tubes of concealer and bb cream. “and please don’t ask why the background music is ‘despacito’… it’s kind of embarrassing? but it’s his favourite song for now so…”

“what the hell jimin, nobody allowed you to be this cute!” jeongguk cries out at the brightly lit macbook screen, pointing at the video clip as if it were going to fight him. holy jesus- how did he only realise jimin’s 1.5million subscribers account now? given the sheer amount of cosmetics he owns just for his idle ‘hobby collection’ he should at least have heard of the park jimin by now. damn it.

the more he watches, the more he can’t stop. replaying and screenshotting every single frame precious to him, jaw slack enough to hit the keyboard. the longer he watches the 28:14 video, the more he struggles to get out.

“please… don’t ask me why i’m showing you how to do a burgundy look,” jimin says, blushing as he draws his eyebrows, “it happens to be his favourite colour.” he mumbles it, but the microphone still picks it up, and soon jeongguk’s blushing at his screen too. jimin was seriously out there, on freaking youtube with over a million subscribers and wearing his goddamn leather jacket. c-could it really be-?

there’s an audible padding of footsteps- ah, his childhood best friend’s back from work, and slides some kimbap takeout on the vanity dresser. “hey jimin, nice blusher you’re using today,” the smug grin in taehyung’s voice can be heard, the model popping his head into the frame to wave and say hi, and jimin stops working in his contour just to throw a pillow at him. “shy baby, what shade is it? does it start with j?” taehyung laughs, and jimin looks half as intimidating as an angry butterfly as he stomps his foot and gets up to shove taehyung out.

“yah, okay, i’ll leave,” taehyung laughs, hands put up in a surrender as the camera records the faceless duo. jeongguk’s having a hard time coping, biting his nails as he pauses to scroll to the comments where the top ones are all who’s the lucky guy jimin likes omg??! and things like FML if the dude Min likes is a d*ck or a f*ckboi imma fiGHT HIM and jeongguk does not know what to do.

(he hopes user MinSugaJjangJjang ManBbongBbong will never find him because he sounds so ready to trash jeongguk if he does jimin wrong.)


needless to say, jeongguk stays up all night with not a single ounce of sleep, instead binging through all jimin’s makeup videos, his instagram page all the way to the first picture of jimin and taehyung holding hands. jeongguk makes a face, he’s admiring from afar, thank you very much. totally not called stalking.

it turns out that the day jeongguk had garnered the courage to talk to him, was the day jimin had done a tutorial. [CHIM] Spring Day Makeup~🌸 was the name of the clip. "little mochis, i’ve been thinking about switching my style up a bit, would you like to see that? leave me what you think in the comments below!”

man, even when barefaced, beauty guru jimin’s visuals were no joke- jeongguk’s three am thoughts are now officially why is jimin not a model when taehyung is?’


jeongguk’s watched the next few consecutive videos- all of sultry lidded eyes and a killer cut crease, and he kind of doesn’t regret telling jimin his favourite colours are black and red. he pretends to forget about ‘lending’ jimin the leather jacket, plainly because he likes jimin wearing his clothes.

jimin recommends colognes, and jeongguk realises it’s the old calvin klein one he uses, another one on the list being his current bvlgari omnia paraiba fragrance. it’s comforting to know jimin’s just as invested- and it makes jeongguk’s heart swell knowing that it’s him jimin’s subtly showing off about to those two million people now.

“guys… i’m kind of lost now! he- i don’t know if he knows how much i like him, you know? i’ve never told him about my videos, or my instagram, and what if he doesn’t even see me that way? what if he thinks-?” jimin smiles wryly into the camera, icy blue makeup and eyebrows on fleek suddenly looking all very blue. “to think i’m the older one here… should i just tell him? maybe ask him out for coffee? but like, he works in a coffeeshop? does that still work?”

jimin deviates and talks a little more, smiling when he says he’s gotten a new sweater, laughs when taehyung comes in to disturb him again- then he waves cutely before ending.

jeongguk whines when jimin kisses the camera lens before ending, closing his eyes to kiss the screen as well. he’s not in love with jimin or anything. really.


a few secret concoctions, a bubblegum frappé, caramel macchiato and unicorn layered drink later, jimin finally agrees to go to dinner (again), with jeongguk, and his heart soars. he’s basically an expert in jiminology by now, certified with a phd and first class honours after scrolling for aeons. dedication, everyone.

he’s always believed in chivalry, so he offers to drive jimin home, since it’s his off day and he really really wanted to. jeongguk’s really attractive while driving, jimin inwardly yells, one calloused hand on the steering wheel and the other on his lap or the breaks. jimin does not want that hand on his thigh. no.

jimin’s always humming while he does his makeup or hair or whatever in his videos, and naturally he sings along softly to the radio in the car, keeping the journey home a little less awkward.

finally, the car pulls to a stop in front of jimin’s apartment, but he kind of just stones in the passenger seat, a little sulky and unwilling to budge, ministrations painfully slow while assembling his things, taking off the seatbelt, and jeongguk knows this is his cue. now or never.

“hey, uh, jimin- thanks for today.” he says sheepishly, watched hand on the wheel, the other rubbing at his nape. “i just wanted to say you look very beautiful- but something looks kinda off,”

jimin had smiled, but when jeongguk had mentioned the downside of his statement, the crooked front teeth went back to hiding behind plush coral lips. “m-maybe i was running late, so my makeup smudged?” jimin offers, lying through his teeth, voice faltering. jeongguk knows jimin’s very insecure when it comes to physical looks, and he’d like to tell him over and over again of the converse until he gets tired of hearing he’s very beautiful and admits it.

“there.” jeongguk breathes, pulling apart as he kisses jimin’s cheekbone tenderly, thumb caressing his jaw languidly. “i like you a lot, jimin hyung,” he says sweetly, soft and dulcet and it tugs at jimin’s heart the way it should. jimin leans into the driver’s seat hands squishing jeongguk’s cheeks. “are you serious, jeon jeonggukie? you better not be joking-”

“i watch your videos. liked every one of yours, subscribed, turned notifications on, rewatched all of them at least three times to see you dance to your background music, laugh at stupid things, hear your voice at night; i’m in love with you, park jimin.” jeongguk huffs in one breath, amazed at his own lung capacity. “and also, if you’re not convinced i kind of scrolled past your 1348 photos and liked all-”

jimin’s all red, like a cherry, as red as the chanel lipstick he had worn in his last video. he’s all flustered, clamping his hands over jeongguk’s mouth to spare himself from further embarrassment. jeongguk’s a muscle pig though, so he pries those baby fingers out with too much ease.

“be mine, little munchkin.”

(there’s only one answer, and jimin seals it with a very breathless kiss.)


Newest Video- [CHIM] My Boyfriend Does My Makeup~~💓😍

Last week I was able to attend a live orchestra of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. It was one of the best experiences of my life. As always, I had a pocket sized sketchbook on hand…

Happy sketching everyone~


Dany being stubborn AF going out beyond the Wall on her own with the Dragons to save her Man. Despite Tyrion’s anguished protestations. And Jon my BAE in the North thinking it was his Last Final Stand… that he was going to die and then help arrives.

Look at him looking at His Queen… Relief… Pride… Admiration….Love

Apologies for bad quality screencaps…It was taken during an Instag live.

They were so beautiful… Both of them. King and Queen. Perfect…. Both are soo in L♥️VE. Even Tyrion commented about it earlier.

Still fucking SAD AF episode. 😭😭😭


an Inuchiyo fluff story

A/N: I decided it was time to try my hand again at writing when I came across @k.towne.jr’s Instagram account which is full of simple yet powerful poems and one-liners. I got inspired by a post (same title as this ficlet) and it reminded me of our dear little puppy. Please note that it’s been a while since I last wrote anything serious so I’m a little rusty, hence any comment is most certainly appreciated. Enjoy!

There is one place that’s entirely theirs alone. Looking back, Inuchiyo couldn’t count how many times Mayumi and him had ran away to the hill upon which they rested on now. Oftentimes they just sat in companionable silence, content with each other’s presence and all the while enjoying the view of their small village beneath them.

In his mind’s eye he can see two children sitting here together and gazing up at the sky. Cooped up in their own personal world, they’d try to make shapes from the clouds above. The younger of the two always had a more vivid imagination and she’d point out the most peculiar pictures in the sky. More often than not they had a lot of arguments, like whether this cloud looked like a slipper or the jowly face of one of their neighbors. Sometimes the boy felt like he’d win, insisting that it was impossible for a cloud to be detailed enough to resemble a face but it would take a cold day in hell before she’d give up so easily. The boy would never admit it out loud but he loved it when she rose up to his challenges. Even at a young age, no one could match the fire in her eyes. No one could look as glorious as her. His goddess. His raison d'être.

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