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If There's God (of Social Media)

@kazliin I’m not done with coping from your destructive chapter.

I cannot write angst, thank god for that. So there’s my semi headcannon/hopeful thinking of what happen behind he screen?? This is heavily inspired by @kixboxer ’s idea of Victor’s secret internet accounts


Victor Nikiforov have two instagram account.

He also have two twitter handle.

One of the account in each platform are ratified, blue ticked, and co-managed by Yakov’s PR team during the time of need such as posterity shots, events and exclusive shows announcement.

The other account, however, lacks the mark of legitimacy, have less than 3 digit followers in contrast of millions in his official accounts, also running mainly on Katsuki Yuuri based content.

His second instagram especially, conspicuously named poodleonskate, is an avid follower of Phicit Chulanont’s account and religiously liking every single post tagged #spottheyuuri, won at least 3 giveaway post (2 of them are Yuuri Merchandise, the other is artisan nail polish set) and mainly posts random scenery photos and Katsuki Yuuri’s screengrab stills.

His other twitter also used to liking and retweeting every Yuuri-content from Chulanont’s feed. He also used the twitter to gush about Yuuri with fellow Yuuri fans, that probably will shred him alive if they know that he’s… well.. him?

Victor probably spent more time using his unofficial account more than Yakov would like. He almost failed to be surprised when Mila casually commented on his post as poodleonskate, she probably caught him engaging some excited foray with twitter user yuurifan1275 about Katsuki’s new exhibition skate. Yakov apparently knows too and offhandedly warned him about personal information and maintaining public image.

That didn’t stop him to occasionally slip. The worst slip on came in the form of liking one of Chulanont’s instagram post using his official account.

(“Holy fucking shit?”, Phichit choked and ultimately sprayed the half chewed remains of his breakfast all over the kitchen table. The notification in his phone stayed innocently.

‘V-nikiforov, blueducky, saracrispino liked your post
#spottheyuuri #cocolacafe #spring #detroit #dogfriendslife ’

“Ew.” Yuuri crossed the livingroom with disdainful eyes towards their table and the remains of Phicit’s breakfast all over their dingy table.

As much as he wanted to share the extraordinary happening in his sns life, Yuuri getting aneurysm this early in the morning is not exactly the best scenario for everyone involved.)

Yakov gave him an earful afterwards while his rinkmates watched from the rinkside with varying degree of amusement and secondhand embarrassment. Half an hour and several ‘yes coach, not going to happen again’ thrown, Victor’s back on the ice with nothing but slight mortification and cold dread of someone caught red handed. Despite himself, a traitorous part of his mind cannot help but being thrilled of the outcome.He slightly hoped that Yuuri (or Phichit, and then by proxy, Yuuri) would comment on it.

They didn’t.


Donna Francie @bingowednesday
What just happenED?!!!! OMG!!

Eloisethecat @bonnie-bie
@bingowednesday Victor liked a #spottheyuuri post??#whatdoesthatmean #viktuuri

Victuuriistotallyreal @just-inn
Excuse me while I’m draining my tears out #viktuuri

Bluescluesboy @JonahLi
@bonnie-b @bingowednesday here we go again…

Viktorlove @sundayterrs
@JonahLi Ikr?! It’s just a lke?!! We all know Victor LOVES dog? Like LOVE LOVE? That post have a cute dog!! Not evrything is abt your gross shipping!

Zaskia G. @chameleonarecute
Another day in FS fandom.. #viktuurilimbo #spottheyuuri

ひめこ。西山 @kumahimee
Can confirm that Japanese twitter also lost their shit. #instagate #spottheyuuri #viktornikiforov #katsukiyuuri #figureskating


After the Big Reveal, years worth of tears were spilled within a day, heart wrenching apologies, more kissing, and tedious ceremonies and official duties performed with hands on each other’s body parts, the floodgate finally opened.

Within an hour V-nikiforov’s official account already liked every post tagged #spottheyuuri, compilation videos of Yuuri singing in the livingroom while dipping a mop, every Katsuki based aesthetic blog, and various account’s post in which Yuuri is tagged.

(“Holy shit.” Ketty said as her feed flooded with notification after skating legend Victor Nikiforov, also Yuuri’s supposed arch nemesis retweeted her post about Yuuri’s FS composing session, liked In her instagram featuring her equipment that was used in composing Yuuri on Ice song.)

(“Holy shit” said professor Gilman of Advanced Trigonometry class after his usually barren instagram feed exploded after someone named V-nikiforov liked his last year’s class photo featuring international student slash campus heartthrob Katsuki.)

“Really.” Yuuri asked dryly, but the corner of his mouth are soft and fond.

Victor looked him straight in the eyes, his eyes are sporting the same puffiness as Yuuri and as red. His nose is still clogged when he answered but his grin are terribly (terribly) blinding.


Phicit+chu posted


I totally appreciate the likes guys, but #reallyvictor? #nowweknow #wegetit #littleyurihadbenscreamingfor10minutes #guys #guystherearechildrenpresent #pausethekissing #victuuri #lovewins #Iamthebestman


Last week I was able to attend a live orchestra of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. It was one of the best experiences of my life. As always, I had a pocket sized sketchbook on hand…

Happy sketching everyone~


an Inuchiyo fluff story

A/N: I decided it was time to try my hand again at writing when I came across @k.towne.jr’s Instagram account which is full of simple yet powerful poems and one-liners. I got inspired by a post (same title as this ficlet) and it reminded me of our dear little puppy. Please note that it’s been a while since I last wrote anything serious so I’m a little rusty, hence any comment is most certainly appreciated. Enjoy!

There is one place that’s entirely theirs alone. Looking back, Inuchiyo couldn’t count how many times Mayumi and him had ran away to the hill upon which they rested on now. Oftentimes they just sat in companionable silence, content with each other’s presence and all the while enjoying the view of their small village beneath them.

In his mind’s eye he can see two children sitting here together and gazing up at the sky. Cooped up in their own personal world, they’d try to make shapes from the clouds above. The younger of the two always had a more vivid imagination and she’d point out the most peculiar pictures in the sky. More often than not they had a lot of arguments, like whether this cloud looked like a slipper or the jowly face of one of their neighbors. Sometimes the boy felt like he’d win, insisting that it was impossible for a cloud to be detailed enough to resemble a face but it would take a cold day in hell before she’d give up so easily. The boy would never admit it out loud but he loved it when she rose up to his challenges. Even at a young age, no one could match the fire in her eyes. No one could look as glorious as her. His goddess. His raison d'être.

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anonymous asked:

What do you make of all the Joshlie stuff this weekend? I feel like you're a realistic Kaylor(Ish) blog so I'm interested to hear your thoughts..

I think it was all really fucking bizarre, and that opinion is not influenced at all by Kaylor/anything homosexual. Let me explain where my confusion and “what the actual fuck?!” stance is coming from.

First, let me say that I still maintain my “unbothered by Joshlie” stance because I have a whole list of my own shit to worry about, and “Karlie Kloss’s love life” is not on that list (although the well being of Joe Kloss is). That being said, ever since she posted the Insta Story of the pizza she specifically said she was making for him, I’ve kind of been scratching my head. They’ve always been, for the most part, extremely private. It’s actually always been one of my biggest hesitations in terms of the idea that their relationship is fake/contractual. I also am curious from a publicity perspective as to why Karlie, who at the moment is ramping up her feminist stance even more (the “we should all be feminists” t-shirt, the Express collection, adding more cities to Kode with Klossy, etc), would choose this moment in time to remind people that she is dating the brother of Jared Kushner. I’m not going to get into the whole “Josh is just as bad!” debate, because I don’t really think it’s relevant, image is all about perception. People hear that she’s dating a Kushner and that’s really all they need to hear.

Now moving on to the #InstaGate scandal from this weekend. I absolutely think Josh was there. I don’t think he allowed Penni or any other female to log into his Instagram to post that story or photo of Karlie. That being said, I think it’s really fucking weird that Karlie’s manager seemingly third wheeled a romantic getaway. I could understand if Karlie was working on location somewhere, and Josh tagged along, but, from the way it looks, it seems like it was Josh, Karlie, and Penni, chilling in a cabin, hiking, kicking it by the fire. Weird.

It’s also weird that this all happened right before Josh’s Forbes cover dropped, and they mention the “cabin upstate.” Maybe that’s all just one big coincidence, but it’s still weird. Sue me. 

Also, I find it hilarious that Karlie only posted about the Forbes article on her InstaStory, meaning nobody could comment and it would disappear the next day. If I had to take a guess, this is all coming from a place of trying to separate Josh out as “the good Kushner” and not have people just lump him in with Jared. Like I said, either way, it’s fuckin weird.

I swear Nate should just pull a Kol..

Nate is honestly too kind and good. Haters flood his instag comments and he’s always so nice and empathetic to them. I’m like Fuck it Nate, just bite their heads off and slit their throats and drink their blood. Sometimes I actually expect him to Kol out on them. But he’s too nice and enlightened.

Anyway Davina is back Bitches… I swear I only watch The Originals when Nate is on. So I gotta catch up now. If they rip Kolvina apart again, I’m swearing off the CW for good, plus I’m getting way too old to be their target audience anyway.