If it’s the bromance Edelman & Amendola share off the field that allows them to perform so well on the field then by all means, boys, keep on doing you. Not sure any of my buddies ever gave me a champagne shower, in an actual shower, with me in boxer briefs while recovering from recent foot surgery. But hey, I’m also not one of the best receivers in football. Professional atheltes are truly a different friggin’ breed.

Two other takeaways:

1.) Watching htese videos you can begin to understand why Amendola would take a paycut and stick around. Pretty obvious he loves playing with his best friends, and wouldn’t you if you were still making seven figures?

2.) I can’t even begin to imagine the instagasms had when Edelman was seen parading around in boxer briefs. Lotta cigarettes were probably smoked after multiple reviewings of this clip.