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I think there is a problem with McKayla Maroney's fanbase (& society in general) I have to tell you that some of the nonsense I've seen on McKayla Maroney's Instagram is downright awful & disgusting. There are tons of ridiculous instafights on her account. People make insulting sexual comments humiliate McKayla. You're right it's not Mac's fault BUT I think she can prevent this by laying off the selfies. Macs tweet today with her "playing around" on swings will keep the fans that care about her.

I fundamentally disagree with you.

I think saying, “McKayla brings this upon herself because she posts provocative photos and videos of herself all the time” is exact same logic behind saying, “That woman brought her rape upon herself because she wore provocative clothing and was drunk.” Saying, “Maybe she should lay off the selfies for awhile so the perverts go away” is like saying, “Maybe you should wear more clothing and not drink so much so that men will leave you alone.” But you know, women have been raped since the dawn of time, whether they’re wearing corsets and skirts down to their ankles or short dresses, whether they’re wearing burqas or bathing suits. Not only is that mindset terribly problematic, it’s flawed and if you really think creepy men will refrain from leaving comments on her pictures if she “tones it down” a little, you’re wrong. The problem is not her, it’s them.

Women should be able to wear what they want, do what they want, and post however many pictures of themselves as they want without having disgusting, disturbing, predatory things said or done to them. I think people in general shoulder much of the blame of the barrage of perverts that frequent Mac’s social media accounts on McKayla, and not the perverts themselves. And it’s that kind of logic (blame the girl in skimpy clothes, not the pervert harassing her because men just can’t help themselves you know) is really fundamentally disturbing and is at the very core of rape culture.