Aches and pains and lots of wriggles

These past two days I’ve been aching everywhere! I’ve always been so tiny and petite and so it’s really putting a strain on my body carrying around this extra weight. Sounds like i’m complaining but I actually love my little bump! Today we went for a scan and everything is going well, she’s growing perfectly! 

Me and Andrew made home made burgers yesterday and I have to say they were delicious. (see the photo!) and then today I bought a few parenting books. I’ve been a bit skeptical about buying any because I figured they all say different things and it comes naturally when she arrives, but it gives me something to do when i’m bored! 

Right now I think Daisy is about to burst her way out of my stomach with the amount she’s wriggling around. Probably shouldn’t have had full fat coke. Too much caffeine! 

Does anyone have any good books they’d recommend?