Some of the most powerful Caribbean moments involve rain. No the West Indies are not a magical region that never sees precipitation, but that’s no reason to stay away during these months when we see tropical waves moving through the islands. Adjust your perspective. Look to the sky. And you might find another reason to love the Caribbean.

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Two miles long and every bit as pretty as a picture, Sandy Point, St. Croix is the quintessential tropical paradise. It’s fairly secluded at the end of a long gravel road at the far western tip of the island. Green vines sporting fragrant pink blossoms crawl from the tree line a short way out onto brilliant white sands. And beyond? Impossibly turquoise waves lazily roll in to gently lap against shore.

But this beach has a tight door policy. No, it’s not dotted with celebrities and millionaires. Its VIPs are a bit more down to earth: leatherback turtles. Or more specifically, their babies. Being a prime leatherback turtle nesting ground certainly adds to the natural authenticity of the location, but unfortunately it also means the beach is closed from April to August when the behemoth baby-mama’s come ashore. So get ready for the grand opening, coming soon!

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On a recent visit to Curtain Bluff, I stayed in an older portion of the 50 year-old property, but you wouldn’t have know it. The remodeled deluxe room was well appointed with a rain shower, spacious bedroom, and, best of all, a terrance that lead straight out onto the sands of Surf Beach — complete with an idyllic hammock hung between two palm trees barely 10 feet from my door. With that kind of relaxing on the schedule, it’s no wonder I frequently hung this cheeky little door hanger outside to ward off interruptions!

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Yesterday we shared a photo of the odd, out of place Tuscan styled, 30 foot pillar above Willams Town on Little Exuma that used to guide salt ships in to trade at this port. @toddwshaw promptly requested a photo of the view from the edge of the cliff, so here it is — nothing but pristine turquoise seas as far as the eye can see! Definitely a spot worth lingering.

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Overlooking Exuma Sound and the “Great Salina" of Williams town is this bizarre 30 foot tall Tuscan style pillar right on the edge of a beautiful cliff. The story goes that it guided ships  into the harbor to pick up the harvested salt from Little Exuma’s 3 salt ponds. Most likely dating back to the 18th century this is one uncommon stop on any visit to Great or Little Exuma.

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Swam with a little buddy in the turquoise waters off #Barbados yesterday.

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