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STOP COMMENTING SNAKE EMOJIS OR ANY KIND OF HATE AND SHIT ON PEP’S OR ANY OF THE GIRLS INSTAS (I’ve seen most of the hate being directed at Peppermint) just because YOU dont like someone or their style of drag or that they were more successful than your fave, does NOT validate you being rude and threatening any queen or anybody of any sort. I think all my followers and friends are pretty respectful about this but I gotta get it out here so I dont go off in someone’s comment section

Hello my sweet babies!

I was tagged by my fav baby girl @dulcetyeoll to make a selfie tag! My sweetie I miss you so much T^T and thank you for sharing your pretty face with us! Want to see more photos of you!

Sorry for uploading this in a video formate, I haven’t got new selfies, but ugh today I’ve tried new insta masks. like awwwww just have a look how cute this glasses are and when you do it with your friends you both have them :3 most adorable insta effect I’ve ever seen!

I hope you all my sweet peaches are having a great time and great summer! Hope you are all eating well, have enough rest and fun! :3

LIke can I just hug you all! and tag you in this so I can see your beautiful faces! PLS I MISS YOU GUYS *sobs*

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and all who wants to do this tag :3 but of course don’t feel pressed to do it ^^


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Floozy!Hi I feel like you would give the best advice, I was best friends with these girls and I've drifted apart and don't speak to them anymore and they are all still friends. We have a snap streak and all we do is send one pic to keep the streak.We also follow each other on insta but recently they've stopped liking my pics and they weren't always the nicest and they've had their family members unfollow me on insta. Do you think i should cut them off or am I looking too much into it?Thank you!

honestly this maybe bc i’m a binch who loves to snip snip but cut them out, just slowly stop interacting with them all together and then block them in like two weeks. Sorry you’re going through this angel i wish it was the norm to be upfront like we are with relationships bc the slow dissolve of friendships really suck

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aaAahH MIKKI!!!! the clips of them in the suits are at Kollektivet, they have to be New Years right?! from Julie's insta post? they've been declaring their love for each other all year aah👌💕


omg omg omg

i’m not okay Melissa I am D E A D

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I am just as heartbroken as everyone else but.. The girls did try to reach out to sana? Noora asked what was up multiple times and invited her to catch up, eva asked if she was okay after that insta account.. Sana has had some opportunities to open up about her feelings and what happened but she never did.. I just hope the girl squad give her a chance to explain everything rn - pretty sure they will, it's a tv show afterall :)

i honestly get that, sana should open up. (btw it was vilde who asked if she was okay after the insta account) but they’ve literally only asked her about it a few times (and its only been noora) smh. sana should open up more BUT the girls havent tried hard enough to suddenly assume that she just ‘changed’

GTKY Tag Game

I was tagged by @saltyauntsuga - thank-you!! i feel like we’re lowkey friends even without talking somehow?  idk you seem cool :D

Apologies for all the pictures, but also not mwahaha

Relationship status: broke up with my girlfriend about a week ago and i’m still pretty upset about it but she keeps making indirect posts about me on insta but we’ve got a job together all summer so have to get on.  so theres that :/

Fave colour: pls go visit they’re such a small art blog and so good!

Lipstick or chapstick: lip balm or vaseline so chapstick i guess

Last song i listened to: Don’t Come Down by The Maine (for my BBDV taekook fic #spon shhh)

Last movie i watched: Moana, for the first time!  So good :D

Top 3 fictional characters: 

Gray Fullbuster

Captain Martin Crieff

and Jim Moriarty

Top 3 ships: 


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Gratsu (as 100% bros though fo sure)

Books I’m reading: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, but mostly so much BTS fic on AO3 aha oops

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I feel like gg wouldn't even have to mention L wasn't there if she never posted that insta story. He would've still pretended she was there imo

Or, you know, he didn’t have to mention her at all? Focus on prid.e month or the gift he was given, or actually say something supporting the LGB.TQ community…

There are several things he could have done but instead he chose to say the one thing that has us all side-eyeing him.

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what's the song on ur insta story omg.... i've been searching for it for ages but i can't remember the name ://

4 minutes by madonna and pharrel?

Super tempted to make a 1d/Harry fan Insta like I've seen some mutuals do.

You can follow me on that one, if I choose to make it, or my personal. Whichever works for me! Just tell me what you think. x

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Hi there! I follow you on literally every social media platform (originally on insta) and I've noticed that you love Anastasia highlighters for pale skin but, what do you recommended a highlight for pale skin besides Anastasia? Thank you!

Mary Lou the balm
Jeffree star ice cold
Mac double gleam
Mac sweet peach face compact - limited edition tho