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I was so afraid we wouldn’t have much Taylor interaction this era after she posted “There will be no further explanation. There will just be reputation.” on Insta. I should’ve known. (Ha. LYRIC REFERENCE.)

After the London SS, I realized her fans are the only people she’s opening up to about reputation and I just can’t even express how much that says about her as a person and artist. Other artists go crazy with talk shows, interviews, etc. three weeks (THREE WEEKS!!!!!) before an album drop - Taylor is only connecting with her fans right now because she’s done running around in circles with the media; she knows her music speaks for itself without insane amounts of press; and she wants to reward the people who have stood by her forever. And now - the rest of us get to hear reputation soooooooooo soon!!!!



I’ve had many inquiries about my animated photos: I use the App called Plotagraph for this effect. @plotagraphpro
Tag me in your animated edits 😍 I’d love to see!
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Uzun zamandır görüşmediğim bir arkadaşım yazdı bugün , “Rüyamda gördüm seni iyi misin ?”

Cevap veremedim nedense , iyi miydim ben ?

kendimi tüm sosyal mecralardan soyutladığım geldi aklıma,face-twitter-insta ve tumblr ı telefondan sildiğim geldi aklıma.Düşündüm en son ne zaman paylaşım yapmıştım “Tumblr” hariç diğer sosyal ağlardan ?

en yakını 1 sene olmuş neredeyse..

iyi miydim ben ?

arkadaşlarımla tek buluşma yerim halı sahalar ve Eskişehirspor’un maçları olmuş.

En son ne zaman dışarı çıktım diye düşündüm..anlamsızca dolaşmak vakit öldürmek için,hatırlayamıyorum bile..

iyi miydim ben ?

tek yaptığım şeyin bir kaç gün spor salonuna gitmek ondan kalan günlerde de kitap okumak olduğu geldi aklıma , zamanı ne kadar basit harcadığımı düşündüm..

halbuki zaman harcayabileceğimiz en büyük hazinemiz değil mi ? neden bunu insanlardan kendimi soyutlayarak geçiriyordum ? iyi miydim ben ?

mutluluk kelimesinin sadece dudaklarda olmadığını öğreneli çok oldu ama o mutluluk neden dudaklarımda oluşan tebessümün ötesine hiç geçemiyordu hayatımda ?

Ruhum neden acı çekiyor gibi ?

huzur neydi ? hiç bir şey düşünememek nasıl bir şeydi ? mutluluk neydi ?

Sonra arkadaşıma cevap verdim

İyiyim sen nasılsın ?

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You're an anxiety riddled young woman who stays couped up inside, choosing online college courses and pets over going out for anything other than groceries and necessities. You love to stare at beautiful cosplays on Insta but everytime you've tried to see it's a disaster. Your favorite cosplay designer announces a giveaway to wear any of his creations for a photoshoot and a con. You enter, not having much hope, but still dreaming. (1/?)

When the giveaway closes, the designer, Jefferson Hatter, announces the winner using a random name generator and calls out your username. You’re in total shock. Can barely comprehend his message to you congratulating you for supporting his page and winning. You finally reply back expressing your shock and Jefferson is nothing but a sweetheart. He asks which outfit you want and you tell him the grandest of his ballgowns. He says that’s the perfect choice. (2/?)

Arranging the details of when he’ll fly you out to meet him, you let it sink in that you’ll be getting the princess treatment you see in movies. It’s still hard to believe but Jefferson makes you feel at ease. When you arrive at his studio, he’s quirky in appearance but completely warm. His partners Regina and Anastasia are there to help you with hair and make-up, which is surprisingly fun despite how low maintenance you are. (3/?)

You come out all dolled and dressed up, wearing heels you just barely stand in, and Jefferson feels his breath taken away. Despite working with so many different people, none of them have ever made him think of a fairytale come to life quite like you. Immediately Regina and Anastasia push him to wear his favorite personal costume so you can have your “prince charming” in the photoshoot with you. As soon as he comes out dresses to the nines, you feel almost complete somehow. (4/?)

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Nikki, your snap story makes me smile. You’re so passionate about lifting. Also, the booty is looking great, all those squats are paying off.

😭😭 thank you!! I’ve been getting super motivated following all these strong ladies on insta so I’ve been more focused on technique to try to improve my lifts haha also my 🍑 has never been more firm LMAO

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Arin followed you on Insta now you've really made it out there 🎉



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(Actual footage of me rn)

@space-marauder how do u feel about being the marker for success on Instagram?

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Do you know of any healthy ways to express anger? I saw your Insta story and I've been really struggling with disassociating and I think it's because I'm angry about "being abandoned" (I put it in quotes cause idk if I really believe that as true but it's my feeling??) but I don't have any outlet it's just like ... honestly crippling and really triggering my depression.

i’m really new to this whole anger thing. mars is in my 12th house which makes me really passive and my anger is all misplaced and shit so i’ve been working on becoming aware of what makes me mad or upset. idk if you’ve heard of bullet journaling but that’s been helping me keep track of my life. 
i made a list of “anger” that i update every time something gets under my skin. i think being aware of what kind of things make us angry is important. i feel like that’s a key to something, i don’t know what yet. maybe it’s a key to passion? yo no se. 
physical exercise is really important imo just having a way to physically move that energy out of the body (unexpressed emotions get stuck inside and can create pain and discomfort in the body, sometimes even illness and not the cool kind) i like doing yoga, sometimes i jump rope bc running hurts my knees. there are so many ways to get sweatin, find one that suits you. 
expressing myself creatively has always been a subconscious go-to for getting my anger out. doodle, paint something, write, make a collage, color. it feels good to make something pretty out of what im feeling. p theraputic. 
i think it’s also important to remember that anger isn’t always shouting or being aggressive. silent anger can be worse sometimes. anger isn’t bad too ya know? anger can light a nice fire under your ass and that’ll get ya goin…is what im learning. 

sooo yeah i think the best way to express it is to acknowledge it and to find a way to healthily get it out of you :-) 

many blessing on your journey luv 

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i met this girl like two days ago and all i got through a mutual friend was her insta, we've been talking through dms and shit... So my question is what's the best non stalker first date?

uhhh… are first dates supposed to be “stalkerish” in the first place?

tbh im boring so i always wanna get coffee 

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So I regularly look at your July 22 post on insta, because I've always had such a negative body image of myself... I've always been extremely skinny and often made fun of for it, and often feel like it's why I never get a second date (despite guys telling me I look beautiful on Grindr) so I draw a lot of inspiration and hope from that post. But I was wondering, do you have any pointers from someone trying to gain weight? Like your workout plans and the such.

First of all, I just want to tell you that you ARE beautiful. Those people who made fun of you probably don’t have much high self-esteem themselves, and those guys who didn’t give you a second date because of your appearance missed out on everything else you have to offer. ❤️

I’m glad my little transformation sparked some inspiration, though. I hope it helps you find the confidence you deserve to have!

NOW to delve into the pointers you were looking for:

- EAT! Eat three full meals a day, if you can, and make sure you get in one meal right after your workout.

- Consume a little over your body’s weight in protein, in terms of grams. I tend to buy protein that’s specifically for bulking heavily. They’re like meal substitutes because of their high calorie count.

- Cut on cardio. Seriously. Don’t bother with the treadmill for a little while.

- Don’t overwork your muscles. You don’t need to be at the gym for hours, hitting as many machines as possible. (I start with abs every day and then go on to the muscle group I’m primarily focused on for that day. Section it off: shoulders one day, arms one day, back one day, legs one day, chest one day)

- High intensity workouts are best. So make sure when you do your exercises that they are challenging. My rule of thumb is to do 3 sets with reps ranging from 6-10. But when you do less, you have to do higher weights. If you aren’t really struggling during your last few reps, you aren’t going hard enough. Less intensity won’t help your muscles grow as much.

- Don’t take long breaks in between sets. I’d say no more than 30 seconds, but it definitely depends on the workout. If you’re deadlifting or squatting really heavy weights, you probably want longer rest times.

Those are my primary notes! As far as workouts go, my close friend and I are starting an Instagram account with our exercises. We have the account up, but we haven’t posted or filled out the bio yet. We’ll be posting soon, however, so if you’re interested in checking out my routines I’ll leave the username below. I hope this helps you, lovely, and best of luck on your journey! You CAN do it. Trust me. 💕

Fitness Account for Insta: Fit_Friendship01

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Hey there! I remember you said you had an insta account? I've just made mine and I'd like to follow you :) what's your name?

Hey! Soo.. my personal one is armellin88 and my art account is armellin_fanart :)

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He also liked a pedophilia joke on insta but I’ve never seen an apology from him. I used to stan him but that put me over the edge 😒

I’m trying to be surprised :/, but it’s hard not to be. Thanks for letting me kno. I guess it sucks because like you i really looked up to him :|

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Joe likes his friends insta like I’ve seen it on their recent pics question is do you think he follows Taylor ?

Are you asking if Joe follows Taylor on insta? He doesn’t follow her I checked lmao why follow her on insta when they rule the kingdom inside her room :)

i’ve gotten tumblr lazy, i mean i don’t know how many of you follow me for my personal uploads but aside from a few gw2 screens i haven’t really shared any during october. which, october was perhaps the best month i’ve ever experienced and yeah i have a crap load of photos throughout. 

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I AM SO GLAD YOU FINALLY GOT TO SEE SOMEONE OTHER THAN THAYNE, anthony lee medina has been one of my favorite cast members for so long he’s so sweet and hilarious on insta plus what I’ve heard of his voice is AMAZING, I’m just praying I can find a way to see the show for the first time before he leaves. also important question how much did anthony and jevon (in your words) “gay it up” bc I’ve heard good things


I mean, full disclosure, I did see Anthony Ramos once, so it’s not like I’ve been endlessly tortured, I just had, uh, a streak there of being Jaspersoned.

(Which, anon from earlier this week, that would be He Who Shall Not Be Named–Thanye’s a funny kid and he’s good at Seabury but he is Very White and Very Smiley and it Does Not Work for Laurens.)

Anthony Lee Medina was WONDERFUL, though. I’m still typing up my show notes from the other night, but he is absolutely my second favorite Laurens/Philip and he did so many great little things. I loved his voice, too, and all of his little mannerisms. I’m so glad I got to see him and I hope you manage to get to see him too!

And as for the second part of your question:

ANYWAY, show notes incoming, I was trying to work on them today before my meeting, but I got bit by a fic bug instead.