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im a teacher crush blog but fuck i love your blog and i have a true crime insta lmao, i hope you dont get any shit from my tcc or any anti-tcc people xox

Oh my! Please don’t feel unwelcome or anything because of my last post! I truly accept the other tcc, I just don’t like the blogs that follow me and then complain. I love that there are people that enjoy both tccs 😂 I’m not getting any hate right now, actually surprising me lol but thank you for caring, that’s sweet!


<i> mcr albums as instagram profiles
please do not repost/remove caption </i>

<b><i> inspired by @wentzilla </b></i>


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Why do you think the rumors of Cristiano leaving could be true (your insta story)?

There are way too many reliable, and trustworthy sources claiming the rumuors to be true (Nuno Luz, Portuguese journalist; Tomas Roncero from AS, Record etc.). What is clear for me at the moment that this is more than just the usual summer transfer window stuff we have to live through every year. This is serious business. Whether this is a last warning, an ultimatum if you like for the Spanish media, for the authorities, for the club, the fans that it’s time to stop using Cristiano Ronaldo as a doormat, that it’s time to stop treating him like a piece of shit or he will leave them for real now; or his decision is indeed irrevocable, only time will tell. (If it is true what Tomas Roncero said, that Cristiano made up his mind even before the CL final, I believe his days in Madrid are over.) There’s a point in everyone’s life when they say they had enough, this might be that point for Cristiano. (Just think about it, in the recent months he’s been accused of tax fraud -repeatedly, even though several experts understands and says he did no such-, rape, faking a relationship, he’s been booed again by his own fans, and so on) Now if he leaves, that would cause serious damage not only for the club, but La Liga and like it or not, for Spain itself. It’s up to them now to do some serious damage control or lose one very valuable asset.