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uhhh i was tagged for the 6 selfies challenge by raisabang and i tag everyone who wants to do it and thetaknight adamsey jakobhybholt volchitza vassilias gabriellakuryakina charlesfrickens britishmikemyers willgortzki crayolaxsmiles aesmeraldas tsarkoshei oephelia ginevrs amalclooneys 55west81st glorianas tsargaryens violaet chabernuad


I was tagged by @hiddenpolkadots and @sunlitdewdrop to do the six unseen selfie challenge :)

I’m tagging @lilypxtter @athiestexceptforfandoms @iolanthepotter @padfootiee @braveremus @desiprongspotter and just anyone who wants to do it!

hey yall
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