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This Day in 1D History - February 13


  • 1D in Sweden - SVT interview posted 
  • Lilo make Paul’s life a living hell (as usual lmao) at Heathrow 


  • Harry gets called out by the Metro (and steps up his Twitter game accordingly lmao)


  • Harry stops for a fan :)) 


  • Louis and Eleanor stroll Bondi Beach in Sydney :))
  • “Hon The Sons ! Yeeoooppp !” (via Niall’s Insta) 
  • Lilo hit up Eve bar in Melbourne! 


  • “Back in the school days …. Look at those jeans 😎” (via Louis’ Insta)
  • “Miss my boy ❤” (via Jay’s Insta)

I did a meet a few weeks ago. It went okay. I almost didn’t make weight and went 68/88/156 which is kinda shitty only because it’s basically what I’ve hit at every meet in the past year. If I made my last clean and jerk I would’ve gotten 3rd overall. So it goes. Time to get back to work so I can hit some fkn meet PRs 🙄 (insta@lilmitrop)

my boyfriends cousin is the cringiest thing i think to ever hit me in real life

he has a baby, keep in mind he’s 16, and he had the kid when he was 14……….and he’s also like a emo kid like. a real emo. like skinny jeans and hair that covers eyes emo. like stupid ass jared leto shirt emo. he goes by the name “jaxx immortal” too and on top of all that he uses XD and :3. and has a new gf he meets off insta every week, avoiding telling them he has a baby. and he thinks he’s a hardass for smoking weed i wanna die

feb 6 to feb 12

💪🏼 2x WRRN social runs, joined a new speed training group on wednesday morning, christies beach parkrun, social run with the RIOT runners

🏃🏻‍♀️decent amount of exercise for me last week but i still feel like it’s not the amount that my body is used to. and because my eating has remained pretty much the same, i’m slowly going to see some weight gain. cutting back on all boxing is going to have a huge effect on me.

👯 meeting heaps of new people which is great. i joined a new speed training group on wednesday mornings. i got to meet some insta friends who i’ve been following for ages. the RIOT runners are also a group of ladies i met on facebook. mostly women from the RMA group, but that’s ok. it was formed by a lady who just moved to adelaide from newcastle and was looking to make new friends through running. we had a pretty good turnout! met some more insta people who i’ve been following for a while

🥂 my brother took us all out for dinner on wednesday to celebrate his promotion. dinner was fancy af (entrees cost more than i’m willing to pay for a main at a pub! haha)

🌊 it was a super hot as week for most of last week. run group was cancelled on thursday night as weather was predicted to still be 40 degrees when we’re due to start. instead, a few of us went down to the beach for a dip in the water (yes, i realised i whinged about going to the beach on hot af days last week haha) - but friendships are about compromise. my friends go hiking with me when i say i want to catch up, so if they want to beach, i guess i have to oblige

💑 went out for dinner with boyfie on friday night. and then netflixed all night

🚶🏻‍♀️ took boyfie’s sis to her first parkrun last saturday. she finished in 41mins and is now hoping to run a sub 30 5km before the end of the year. proud of her for going out there and trying!

🍵 grabbed breakfast with an insta friend after parkrun. can you have too much of a social life? some days i find i’m exhausted, but i can’t help but be a planner and try to catch up with all the friends i want to keep in contact with!

🌿 the trail run with the RIOT runners was great. trails are new to most of the women and they highly enjoyed it. the faster runners ran ahead and then waited for everyone to catch up every km or so. that explains my super speedy pace for our run last week, i had time to rest every km! haha

goals check-in:
• 💯 squats every day ✅
• 12,500 steps everyday 👣✔️
• ran: this week 30.97km/ total so far 180.51 ✅