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so anyway my story of Insta-magic-fixes comes on the back of another story that half encompasses ‘why I hate unicorns’ but I’m going to skip that part and just get into the gritty.

So if you’re a winged creature and you’ve had one of your wings violently removed- you have some problems. First of all, muscle problems. Wings are functional items and if they aren’t cleanly, or medically, amputated (or worked on afterwords) you’re gonna have muscles and tendons that SHOULD go somewhere, but don’t. You’re going to have blood vessels that will take a while to die and until then you gotta not get blood clots. And on top of all THAT you’re gonna have SHITTY nerve pain and nerves don’t just hover around the site of the injury like ‘yeah this is where the problem is so this is where we’re gonna be In Pain’ no, nerves are little assholes and your uninjured side is gonna hurt, and your leg and your arm and sometimes your nailbeds because Fuk U that’s why. And THEN you have the long-term effects of how a body adjusts to being very uneven weight-wise for still having the OTHER wing on a bipedal form.

These are Problems. These are problems that I like a character with traumatic injury to have. They limit physical ability, they make for decent plot points, and if they’re chronically painful enough they can even disrupt magic abilities that require concentration.

Enter ‘I Heal All’ unicorn.

Now, for my due part both of these characters followed a decent stat lay-out but I mean a very well-known and recognized property of unicorns is healing. So fine. Fine. U wanna insta-heal the wing, roll for it. I should’ve just refused but the time is past now.

Nat. 20.


BUT. My loophole that I eventually used is that the WING grew back, sure, but all the ‘healing’ ability was mostly used on just getting that full entire wing back, and the muscle damage was still severe enough that it still prevented flying, the new wing- without use- shriveled a bit, and the nerve problems remained. But goddamn if I wasn’t salty about having to go through all that just to avoid an instant fix. … Still have that character today, but he’s in the witness protection program since the other player was a leeeetul bit stalker-y/terrifying. SO.

try not to insta-fix, kids. it’s boring, but also potentially character-ruining for the one you’re fixing, if you’re not careful.

“Average people have great ideas, legends have great execution.” #Execute #BeGreat

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