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Hey could you post some pictures of Franck new hair? I want to see what it looks like, but I can't find it??? Helpppp

Heres one besides the group photo on his insta

Insta Series: Kōshi Sugawara

His favorite person, his favorite son, his favorite food, his favorite season, and Oikawa’s jacket. 

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Insta Series: Asahi Azumane

In which Asahi has a thing for outdoor activities and a certain little libero

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Multifandom Challenge  ||  19/100 Characters  ||  Derek Morgan
↳   “The vast majority of child sex victims don’t grow up to be sex offenders or criminals. I know this because – and let me be direct – I was also one of Carl Buford’s victims. Victimization does not cause offending. It can cause a lot of isolation. There can be anger and rage. It can cause pain and suffering, but you can get through it. It can make you stronger. It does not have to destroy your life. It can make you fight back. And it can make you want to spend the rest of your life protecting others.”