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Colton Haynes on Instagram (x)

“What an inspiring day! Got to go bug @mrkimjones at work & see all the LV goodies before the show! @allymaki & I were in aw & basically just trying to steal most of it but then we felt kinda bad so we decided to be good citizens & just take a few lol. Kim: you are the nicest person in the world, Thk u so much!”

anonymous asked:

why is it okay to comment on any other celebs friends on instagram but not skam actors friends?? i think its a little hypocritical i mean if its wrong then u should say/think its wrong to comment on celebs friends instas as well. im not trying to be rude i just dont get it

i’ve never said that it’s okay - and i don’t think it is. they never asked for that. and people even comment rude and creepy stuff (on henriks pics). but the skam actors especially has been held out of the spotlight by nrk because of this, because they want them to be able to live normal lives and that was even before they knew how big it would get internationally. and henrik is nice enough to let people get to know him a bit. tbh i dont think people understand how different norway treats celebs. im actually pretty worried, they weren’t prepared for this. remeber thar skam was made for norwegian teenagers, and now people all over the world knows who they are and alot of people don’t respect their privacy at all.