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perks-of-being-a-violinist  asked:

Do you have any advice on how to change to a more minimalist lifestyle? Also I love your tumblr and insta lol

aw thank you!

- a good place to start is by cleaning out your room/living space of all the things you don’t need. then start cleaning out your history, emails, friend lists/lists of who you’re following, your contacts, etc.

- then you can work on your organizational skills, making sure that everything is neat and orderly.

- if you wear makeup, maybe try cutting down on how much you put on or how many products you use.

- in regards to clothing, keep it simplistic. simple colors (black/white/denim/brown) or neutral tones.

- mentally, it could be more challenging. but, what i began doing is immediately shutting off my negative thoughts and replacing those ones with positive ones. i began to only focus on the positives. you can also begin to work on how many thoughts come and go through you head. challenging? yes. but so worth it. so when you begin to feel you thoughts racing, take a deep breath…count to ten. and refocus. 

- make sure that you’re spending your money wisely and only on things you need. do i really need this shirt that’s like a bunch of the shirt i already own? hmm, no.

- also begin to cut your schedule down. only do things that you have to do or you feel good doing, that make you happy. so do i have to go to this party or out with these people this weekend? nah, i’d rather binge watch movies on netflix.

- cutting toxic people out of your life can be hard. but you know what’s harder? keeping them in your life and dealing with their negativity. so my tip for that is to just do it. delete them, block them, whatever. you can’t be fully happy dealing with such negativity. and your happiness matters more than keeping them as a friend. i did it and still do it, and i always feel so much better afterwards.


Transfixed, I watched her dance; unaware of my eyes upon her, so lost was she to the way of a rhythm divine; this zephyr swept her into his arms and ruffled she was left, a thousand and one hands courting her curves; how she bends and how she glides, how she twirls on by; transfixed, transfixed am I.

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