5 Things You Can Use For Motivation Anytime, Anywhere

1. Your tribe - think about who’s in your life. The people in your life can either motivate you to be better or be your motivation to do better. Assess your inner circle and ask yourself if you want to become the average of the people you spend the most time with - it may be time to find new company.

2. Your health - how do you feel? Think about how you feel on a daily basis, if you’re tired of the rut you’ve fallen into - now is the time to start taking action to change your situation. If you’re not in good physical health - now is the time to start cleaning up your diet and moving into the body to heal it.

3. Your wallet - is it empty? We all need money to survive and an empty wallet can be great motivation to start taking action. Money is not evil and the pursuit of it can be healthy - depending on the intention you have for trying to acquire it. Ask yourself “what would I do if I had all the money I needed?” and work toward making it a reality.

4. Your dreams - are they going to remain a fantasy? Think about all the things you wish you could do in this lifetime and then ask yourself “how would I feel if someone told me I would never get to do those things?”. You are the only one who gets to decide if your dreams come true or not.

5. Your idols - who are you influenced by? Think about the people you look up to and why they inspire you. Emulate their behaviour if you want to achieve the level of success they have in their lives and be prepared to work your face off - as my business mentor Gary Vee says.

The best motivation is progress and progress comes from actions, if you want to stay motivated - you have to take action consistently every single day. There will be challenges, there will be mistakes and there will be late nights - but one day you will be able to look upon what you’ve created and be glad you put in the work.

Think about what you want & don’t stop until you get there.

Peace & positive vibes.

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Feels so good to be 21. The 22 mark is about to come so fast. Time is flying but new chapters are arising. Thankful for everything that’s ever happened to me because I’ve ended up in the spot that I am in now. I love the woman I’m with, almost done with community college, adding art to my body, and making art as well. Life is pretty cool and I feel at ease