Has anybody here read The Queen’s Thief series? Because I have this huge desire to have Laurent and Irene meet each other because they’re so alike… their pain, their loneliness, even the lasting marks of ruthlessness that they have done to the men they have come to love (and who love them inspite of it). And like how gigantic Damen is and idk maybe Gen will just come up to his waist.

Newt Gingrich: a legend in his own mind.

Newt Gingrich Is ‘A Stupid Man’s Idea Of What A Smart Person Sounds Like’.

   Former House Speaker and likely GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich commenced his address at an American Family Association event in Iowa today by lavishing praise on a controversial amateur historian who believes that Jesus opposed the minimum wage and that Islamic extremists have literally infiltrated the Justice Department. “I never listen to David Barton without learning a whole lot of new things," Gingrich said, while inviting his audience to read the Texans’ writings on the Founding Fathers. "It’s amazing how much he knows and how consistently he applies that knowledge.”

   David Barton likens himself to a biblical prophet. He wants to destroy the separation of church and state. Why is he designing school curricula? Rob Boston

Insipid, ineffectual, inert, inane, insane but not intellectual. Fuck you Newt, you shiteating moron.

Accusations fly like bullets do...

Even though I deleted the messages I got sent earlier they still have a sting to them because I read them… I can’t unsee what I’ve seen. I should have just deleted them as they came to my phone but part of me couldn’t believe it… you know I’ve been disrespected by plenty of people I worked with and children I take care of at my job but when those people you least expect start verbally attacking you… whew. It takes a lot of love not to retaliate… I honestly tried to see the disagreement and what was done wrong on my end but all I got was anger and hate. And I just started to think how even at my angriest moment I would not have said the things that were said to me. But this person was angry beyond reason and what I said or felt didn’t matter. 

I know I am not perfect and I know I have done my fair share of hurting others but I am really past all of the hate.  I know I have grown so much over these last few years but the past was still brought up and tossed in my face. I have learned to be more forgiving and I have tried my best to make sure the love I give to others is unconditional but this persons goal was to make me feel like I was everything but that… like really tried to tear me down based on accusations. Deep down I know the things that were said weren’t true but I’m still hurt, upset, angry, feeling misunderstood and so many other emotions. 

I try to continue to focus on the positive. God has blessed me with people who have been building me up and although this particular instance really got to me I know I still have so much to be grateful for.  


Thank you, @venndrake! <33 glad you like the AU! I personally see Chara as someone like..Reznov from Call of duty world at war XD; some of his quotes would really fit wartale!Chara imo, they’d be a sergeant cause  they’re quite young to be in a higher position. 

Of course Frisk would be such a cinnanom roll who didn’t ask to be in this war who  had no choice but to do something in order to survive, and I love the idea of them being a medic, trying to help as many people as they can x33

Oh, well I’m still an inspiting artist as well 8D;; there is still a lot for me to learn! I guess all I can say is to always practice everyday and take your time. And most importantly, never compare your artwork with someone else’s, and focus on making your art better than before! I don’t know what kind of advise you wanted but those are the first things that poped on my mind 8D; thank you so much <3!


A Pagan Awakening

A new life is there,
You hear Her now,
She was always there,
and You’re forever changed.
So listen to Diana, and accept Her love.
Hoard not Her gifts : feeling, renewal, music.
A new life is there,
You see Him now,
He was always there,
and you’re forever changed.
So look to Apollo, and receive His light.
Hoard not His gifts : healing, growth, joy.
A new life is there,
Your hands reach it now,
It was always there,
and You’re forever changed.
So touch the earth, and partake of it’s sustenance.
Hoard not it’s gifts : body, green, silence.
A new life is there,
You soar with it now,
It was always there,
and You’re forever changed.
So breathe in the air and gather the wind.
Hoard not it’s gifts : mind, dreams, empathy.
A new life is there,
You’re warmed by it now,
It was always there,
and You’re forever changed.
So build the flame and brave it’s heat.
Hoard not it’s gifts : spirit, will, energy.
A new life is there,
You flow with it now,
It was always there,
and You’re forever changed.
So study the ocean and follow it’s tides.
Hoard not it’s gifts : self, courage, sorrow.
A new life is there,
You’re one with them now,
They were always there,
and You’re forever changed.
So take Their gifts and return them threefold.
Share this magic : friendship, love, trust.


—Jeff A. Bordeaux

Poem published on Pagan Library

Posted by, Phynxrizng

Rest in peace Jackson!

I was never a fan of Jackson’s character. Yes, he was awfully nice and loved Hayley selflessly but I always thought that his love for Hayley or Andrea wasn’t his choice but was forced on him. He was betrothed to her and he never could see past that! He could have had better chances at love in his life but he chose to wait for her which would have been meaningless if Hayley never got pregnant and never reached NOLA. He was a great friend to Hayley and I always saw Jayley as beautiful friends rather than a romantic couple! He was basically useless to the storyline after Season 2 when his role as the alpha of the other pack sworn to protect Hope ended. He was just there to be a husband to Hayley which he was amazing at. 

AND THEN, the last couple of episodes I saw him and Freya working together and I thought that maybe Jackson and Freya will end up together and Jackson will finally find someone who can reciprocate his love. So, inspite of not liking Jackson Kenner in the beginning, I am disappointed to see his character end so brutally. For what its worth, he did not deserve to die!

I really feel so bad when I read that Elijah will jump on Hayley on the first chance he gets. Eww! I fear that Elijah will never make a move on Hayley ever now. The distances between Hayley and Elijah are now more than ever because not only Elijah let Hayley choose her partner in the past, he respected her choice. If he had to jump on Hayley, he had many opportunities to see Jackson’s end but he decided to save him, for her! Because he loved Hayley, probably more than Jackson could ever love her! 

YES! I ship Haylijah way too much. I will ship Haylijah forever and will never give up on them because they are my biggest OTP but Jackson Kenner, you were a good man and I hope you had a longer life! Rest in Peace!

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what were Michael's eccentricities ? I'm asking this question because I see this word a lot , people saying we have to appreciate his art inspite of his eccentricities , does loving animals and children considered so ?

Well anyone saying we have to appreciate his art “in spite of” his eccentricities is probably talking about him hanging with children, having a bunch of animals and owning a place like Neverland (and loving Disney and wearing makeup and long hair and his plastic surgeries and being reclusive, etc.). Which is funny because a lot of people say stuff like, MJ was “cool” before Thriller era ended, yet they don’t seem to realize that a lot of the stuff he did that made them perceive him as not cool were things he had been doing since he was a kid and since he first became an adult. He was eccentric all his life but these eccentricities suddenly became bad after his skin got lighter and after the accusations among other things.

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Harry restores my faith in humanity! He is so grounded and humble inspite of all the absolutely hell Management and certain others have attempted to throw at him. He truly seems to feel for the world and despite the guard he seems to put up you can still see that sweet doe eyed 16 year old boy in him. He wanted to help people and do what he could to change the world and from where I sit not a day has gone by where he hasn't done just that in one way or another😊