Inspirnation Blog Launched

So I decided to launch a blog for Inspirnation to keep people updated and stuff.

Here are a few things I have planned for the upcoming days and the next update:

  • Much improved accuracy - I have been working on really improving the accuracy of the content grabbing which should make it much more relevant and less strange stuff will be returned. This is a big step towards making Inspirnation much more useful.
  • Being able to set what you are writing - This will be an optional thing you can set before or during your writing that lets you say what you are writing, like “Science fiction” or “Article”, or something like that. The results can then be more tailored to what you are doing which will lead to much greater accuracy.
  • Listening to the Voting - I’ll also keep checking on the voting results to see what people really like the idea of so I can get it implemented for Inspirnation! So if you haven’t already, it would be awesome if you checked out the voting page and vote for what you like and don’t like.

As always, big thank you to everybody who is trying Inspirnation out, you are all super!