Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the amazing man that is Ray Park:

  • He shows up to SWCO with a gallon of water, making an impressive entrance by showing off his Gorilla walk and ballet moves
  • Is energetic af
  • Absolutely loves the fact that he is a part of Star Wars
  • Makes fun of his own squeaky voice from back in the 90′s
  • Likes DJing
  • Is attractive af
  • A perfect example of someone who has a passion for what he’s doing and he loves and enjoys every second of it
  • His positivity is just so inspiring
  • Hair game on point 👌🏽
  • His signature ‘’butterfly twist’’ move
  • Is humble af
  • Brought Darth Maul to life
  • Has a great personality
  • Wants to be able to use the force so he can ‘’turn the TV on and off’’ 
  • Had a cameo in TPM as a Naboo guard and was holding the gun like he was in a Tarantino movie
  • Makes sound effects with every move he makes
  • Gets a compliment on his beard and simply replies with: ‘’I wanna be a Viking’’
  • And last but certainly not least:

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