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The heart wants what it wants but after a point the brain must direct it to what it needs. That’s the only way for the heart to not be too worn out, lost or dead.
The brain has the maps.
The soul has the energy.
The heart just needs to have a little faith.
—  creatingnikki 
Virtue is freedom, it is not a process of enclosure. It is only in freedom that truth can come into being. Therefore, it is essential to be virtuous, not righteous, because virtue brings order. It is only the righteous man that is confused, that is in conflict; it is only the righteous man that develops his will as a means of resistance, and a man of will can never find truth, because he is never free.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Japanese vocab with Yuzuru - Day 19

Okay now onto baby Yuzu when he was still a young promising star in Sendai :3

1. 天才(てんさい|ten-sai): genius

Recycling this gif from Day 16 where the other guy tells him he is “表情の天才” (genius at expression) because I love that pun so much (real reason: too lazy XD)

The other day in a chat, after rewatching Worlds 2012, my friend said “How can he be that good at 17?” and the first word that came up in my mind was “Tensai!!!!” :))) But that’s not all there is :3

2. 努力(どりょく|do-ryo-ku): effort, hard work

Similar to 成長 (sei-chou) in Day 5, this noun can be used with できる(de-ki-ru) to form a verb, meaning ‘can work hard’.

In Future of Tohoku (at 20:53), Nanami-sensei regarded him as 努力できる天才(a genius who can work hard). Let me just quote her answer cause it’s just too precious:

“Of course everyone wants to escape when they’re exhausted right? But he doesn’t show a hint of that. I think he always train with all his might with the limited time he has. I think he’s definitely a genius, but that’s not all. He works twice as hard as others. He wouldn’t have achieve so much without all his efforts. He is a genius who can work hard. He works hard in order to maximize his natural talent. The way he works hard is to me what truly makes him a genius”