Will/Hannibal: An Inky Dark

Title: An Inky Dark (1/?)

Authors: @destinyawakened @mrs-graham-lecter

Rating: M

Chapters: One |

Characters: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter

For: @reapersun though we know someone else already wrote a thing for your art, we were inspired, so, here you go. Art can be found here.

Summary: Looking for inspiration for a tattoo a client wants, tattoo artist Will Graham has a run with a doctor/art collector who wants nothing more than to prod at his darkness and lure out his demons.

“Behold a great red dragon,” he said, his accent thick and dripping like overturned honey. “It is beautiful is it not?”

The brunet turned enough to see over his shoulder and pocketed his phone before anyone knew what he had done. “It is. I’ve seen it many times online. I wanted a better view for myself.”

“His work is not for everyone,” the man said, pressing down on his tie. He was there to buy a new piece, being a collector of such and smiled faintly, offering his hand. “Doctor Hannibal Lecter.”

“Will,” the younger of the men said, shaking Hannibal’s hand, the shift of his arm catching the light on one of his many tattoos that was shown, hooves of something further up his arm.

“A pleasure, Will,” Hannibal said, looking at the various tattoos on Will’s arm. He shook and let go of his hand, placing his own back into the pockets of his fine three piece vested suit. “One might think you are here for inspiration for your own personal canvas.”

“No,” Will said with a shake of his head, hands in his own pockets now, not to draw too much attention to himself. “A client.”


Tattoo by James Armstrong

See more of James’ work on his instagram @james_armstrong_tattoo