I recently had an experience with this that I wanted to share with you guys. Due to my health issues and being stuck at home, I tend to feel like I can’t do much for anyone or really contribute anything to the world. But I recently made a friend online who showed me that wasn’t true. She’s told me how grateful she is for our friendship and that she feels like she has more confidence now just because I care about and appreciate her. She also told me that she prayed for the first time ever because she wanted Go to help me get better. This all meant so much to me! I realized that even if it’s just online, even I, can do important things in this world and make a difference for someone-even if I don’t expect it. (And honestly I’m so grateful for this friend too because she is one of best & truest friends I have EVER had!)

No matter what might be holding you guys back, or what might make you feel like you aren’t doing any good in this world, please remember that you can make a difference! Even if it seems small to you, it could still be so huge for someone else. Never underestimate the power of your thoughts, ideas, encouragement, concern, love & smile. You are all meant to be great and do great things! Don’t ever forget it! 💚

-Admin Ah Nah*

Your voice has gotten darker and snow has fallen on your head. You sacrificed your life so I could have it good. It’s killing me that you’re still concerned about me. That you are still sacrificing yourself for me. All I have in this world is because of you and what I don’t have is because of me. Please forgive me that I didn’t become what you wanted me to be. It doesn’t matter if the world doesn’t agree with me. As long as you are proud of me, it would mean the world to me. I would kiss your hands for what you have done for me. I would kiss your feet for the path you have walked for me. Only if I could make it up to you. I would give my life so you could live longer and see your grandchildren grow. All I have today is because of you. Nothing in this world matters as long as you are proud of me
I’ve learned to be quite just as I’ve learned to talk, because if talking guides me, being quite protects me. I’ve always tried to have a good heart, but the problem is that I constantly look for angels inside of demons. I don’t depend on anyone, because I’ve even seen my shadow leave me when I’m in darkness. I used to break my back for those who wouldn’t even bend theirs for me. I got more from my enemies than I got from my friends. It’s always been more painful when my own hurt me. Always used to put others first, but stopped when they thought I always came second. I’ve never feared death, because the will to live is more powerful. I’ve learned that love and death comes uninvited, so I live everyday as my last, because one day it will be and I’ll never know when. Time has always been undefeated. At the end of the day it takes everybody out. I’ve always tried to have something money can’t buy and I always give without expecting anything in return. I know that this world is not permanent nor anything in it. I’ve always been eating with those I’ve starved with. I wasn’t born great, but I try to become great