Depending when you met me, or where you met me…..or how you met me, you may have your own version of ‘who’ you think I am, based on that specific timeline in my life-journey, as well as yours.
You met a person….better yet a soul who’s on a journey trying to figure this life/physical/earth thing out. We all are. Some are aware of it. Some not yet. Those aware of it become more compassionate, patient and respectful with their own journey and the journey of others; I call it {respectful journeying}. When you finally realize what’s really going on in this manifestation that we are in, you have no time to judge others, because you’re too busy raising your own vibration, in order to reconnect and re-align with your higher self; after all you’ve been through on this physical earth journey. It’s kind of like having a flight to catch and not having time to waste. You begin to respect and honor time and energy in a new, more productive and even spiritual way. You desire to see the light in others and become more light yourself.
Your soul is fueled by light, nourished and fed by light. You are returning into your divine reflection {THE LIGHT}. Transformation is real. 
#respectfuljourneying #beLight


It’s kinda upsetting to know how beautiful Kim Kardashian already was, yet she made her choice to go under the knife and become all silicon & plastic. Her face just isn’t the same, she doesn’t even look Armenian anymore. No offense, I mean it’s her life. Her body. Not my life. It’s just that looking at these photos makes you think how screwed up the fame world is for most people, and how the idea of “beauty” really needs to change already, we should stop idolizing things like plastic surgery and instead we should remind one another how amazing everyone already is, unless it is truly your decision well hey go for it, do what makes you happy, but she was so gorgeous, although she still is…she was more herself. I also feel like plastic surgery ages a person more. I just hope people like her are really happy with intense choices like this.