•finals week•

I found this and it meant a lot to me because I tend to be easily discouraged sometimes. I get super anxious (had a panic attack during my calc II exam this morning, it’s fine 😅) and I get super super stressed. So I’ve been spending my time in the library.

•don’t lower your standards, increase your effort•

Finally got my first car y'all 👌🏽😊 I wanna shout out the hustle and my choker sales for allowing this to happen :) don’t let dreams be dreams y'all hustle hard! #lamborghinimercyyochickshesothirsty #bossbitch #divaisthefemaleversionofahustler #haterswillsayitsphotoshopped 👌😫👏🏽

Quote of the Month

“I think it’s safe to say most of you know my life whether I liked it or not. And I had to stop. Because I had everything. And I was absolutely broken inside. I kept it all together enough to where I would never let you down, but I kept it too much together to where I let myself down.

I don’t want to see your bodies on Instagram. I want to see what’s in here,” Selena said, pointing to her heart. “I’m not trying to get validation, nor do I need it anymore. All I can say is I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to be able to share what I love every day with people that I love. I have to say thank you so much to my fans, because you guys are so damn loyal, and I don’t know what I did to deserve you. But if you are broken, you do not have to stay broken. That’s one thing you should know about me: I care about people. And this is for you.”

- Selena Gomez

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