There are times where I feel very content with life and I feel as if I have everything together. Then I have times were all I want to do is have his arms wrapped around me telling me that everything will be okay. Those are the times when I fight back the tears and live with the stress knowing that it will make me stronger. The only reason I have the strength to do that is because I have someone in my life who believes in me and always supports me no matter what. That person is the one who put all my pieces together when I was so lost I didn’t know what I was gonna do next. He’s became my other half.

Nobody tells you that it is okay to call yourself beautiful, it is okay to smile at your reflection and it is perfectly fine to say your own eyes are pretty.

It is wonderful to love your waist and your legs, regardless of their size, and you are not conceited if you use your fingers to list everything that you’re good at rather than to point at all of your own flaws.

You can acknowledge that you’re smart and you will be someone greater than your mistakes. You can’t always expect other people to believe in yourself for you.

—  Unknown
Year 1 day 42

Year 1 day 42
What is beauty? How do you determine what beauty is? Is it just show you look on the outside or is it from the inside also.

Rule number 42 year 1
When it comes to beauty it’s more than skin deep but your beauty is as deep as you want it to be.