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I thought it was kinda strange that you made money off of drawing Dan and Phil's faces.. I mean, your art is cool, but doesn't it bother you that like half of your success comes from their fame?

if you are judging me online, then yes majority of you guys are D&P fans.
I don’t intentionally draw D&P for money. I draw them because I like it.
Its just so happens you guys want my phanart so I sell it
and I really appreciate it cause it does help me in a lot of ways

I don’t call my online life a success.
I just came here to have fun and stalk meet people.


 Inspired by @heliosdraws to draw the Norts in a bunch of the silly things I wanted to give a crack at it with this picture I saw at a saveway I couldn’t pass up.

I at least had to give it a try. Even if it didnt come out too good.

I wonder what they’re pointing at…

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I'm amazed about the many things you can draw in a day, how do you not get burned out after one pic or even get inspired to draw some more?

thank you!! 

this is actually a pretty tough question to answer! but i will do my best, by writing another novel for you

inspiration-wise i tend to look at art blogs/other artists i like a lot! or i think about tv shows or movies i like and what makes them so enjoyable

one reason i tend not to get burned out after drawing one picture is because i draw every day! the more you draw, the easier drawing becomes and the more ideas will come to you, even if it’s the ugliest doodle ever. near the end of my summer vacation i was drawing pretty much every day because 1) i didn’t have any other obligations that would keep me from doing it, 2) i was feeling healthier than i have felt in years i think so i had lots of energy to draw and make stuff! and 3) i was really in the mood! i had no homework or anything and for the first time ever i had a lot of free time to just draw whatever i wanted. and the more i drew the more i got into this groove of drawing, and then when i started taking commissions i was forced to draw even more which was also good to get ideas flowing. now that i’m in school i am also forced to draw everyday for schoolwork which keeps me in the groove! 

but if i’m being totally honest a lot of it is that i am a very self-motivated person! i’m a very disciplined artist and i don’t tend to struggle very much with motivating myself to draw/do work. sometimes i do sure, everyone does! but generally i really do just want to draw more and i have the energy to draw more, and i think that is partially because i’m a very fast worker so it’s easier for me to churn out a large quantity of work in a short amount of time

i know that there are a lot of people who struggle with feeling motivated for a multitude of reasons (or perhaps it’s just a personality type, which is okay!) and have a very hard time getting themselves to draw, even if they want to do it! and there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but it can be really frustrating when you’re burnt out and you feel like you should be doing more!

if you struggle with self-motivation you must be patient with yourself and know your limits (but that doesn’t mean don’t push your limits sometimes)! everyone is different. but that being said, really try and push yourself to do more, like if you think you’ve reached your limit, try to do just ONE more thing. one more tiny thing, it can even be a little tiny drawing of a hamburger. or your cat. then allow yourself a rest! or maybe come up with a reward system for yourself–give yourself a goal (an achievable goal!!! but still a goal) and if you accomplish it then go eat that cookie or let yourself scroll through tumblr for half an hour or watch an episode of teen wolf because you know you want to

sometimes it’s honestly way too hard to churn out work like this, like i definitely wouldn’t be doing this much if i were still in high school! but ultimately my man i would say be kind to yourself and understand how you work. try to figure out under what conditions you work best and what would make a comfortable and productive work environment for you. push yourself but don’t overwork yourself and die just to say that you drew 3 things instead of 1 thing. 

i don’t think you were asking for advice but i thought maybe it could be helpful to someone somewhere since i don’t think my own work habits would give you much to go on! 

hope this helped!! :’)

Watch as I work my gypsy magic
Eye of a newt and cinnamon
Watch as the matter turns to batter
Open the portal, jump in! [x]

i was listening to pinkie’s brew and i was ?? ? ? immediately inspired to draw cakegirl art and im like dead inside here u go.

i did the lineart completely in mechanical pencils and i feel absolutely dead inside i am Ahh.

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I had an idea. I like modern games that try to look and feel “retro” but they usually urk me a little because they don’t really adhere to old console’s limitations. So I made an engine in Lua and Love 2D that emulates the NES and its harsh limitations; even down to the obtuse way it handles backgrounds and sprites (Dat flickering, yo!). Everything you see here could theoretically be converted to an actual NES rom (Given that you convert the code from Lua to Assembly).

The game that I’m building to test this idea is a little platformer that draws inspirations from Super Mario Bros 2 and 3, as well as Mr. Gimmick, as I think those are some of the most technically impressive games on the NES. The physics and collision engine is the most complex I’ve designed to date, and made entirely from scratch. Though there are a few bugs I still think it’s coming along nicely.

Once I clean it up a bit and stop it from randomly crashing, I’ll release a playable alpha along with a design document so people can poke around with it if they want.

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Hi! I just wanted to thank you like a million times just for like, existing? My partner showed me your blog and I just, almost cried because I thought art couldn't be done if you don't do lineart? And I absolutely can't line things anymore and it's been so frustrating. I guess just you inspired to continue drawing! I just wanted to apologize because now I do it kind of like your style but I just, it made me so happy so I'm sorry if that bugs you. Just, thank you, so much and have a good day<3!


oh my god this made me tear up

ttthhhank you, i’m so happy i can inspire someone to keep drawing holy shit? there’s no way that people trying to imitate my style would ever bug me that just is so flattering to me oh my god 

but seriously???? fuck lineart i actually hate it with a passion that’s why i dont do it lmao, its always been my weakness when it comes to art so i just found a nice way around it and i’m glad i’m helping ppl realize that you can make a cartoony cute character without following a step by step formula of sketch lines color shade

i just

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah <333