m3rtyn Presents MIXTAPE 2…

My art inspired by Anamanaguchi’s “Everything Explodes”. I wanted to draw everything exploding then I realized everything explodes for individuals all the time inside their own head. I actually kind of feel like this right now; …

Felt the urge to randomly make myself a dusk-evolved character for legit zero reason, outside of randomly having an idea popping into my mind. I’m unsure if Kalos-region pokemon would have been available for experimentation though. So, unofficial?

Rhal, the Noiwyrm. G-Dusk has forced her into a more bulky, attack-focused form. Dragon/Dark typing. Completely blind, but able to sense her surroundings through echolocation, a strong sense of smell and the delicate feelers that tip the edges of her snout.

Movements are slow, precise while she gains her bearings. Capable of swift movements, and the sharp claws tipping her limbs are capable of inflicting major wounds.
The capability for special attacks seem diminished, as the subject has only been recorded using Boom Burst and Dragon Pulse. 

Intriguing how radically this variant of Dusk is able to take pokemon into completely unexpected directions - and as far as I am able to tell the mutations are unique to an individual, rather than a species. More experiments are in order, I must tinker with the sequence of the virus further to see if I can get more predictable results.

~Dr. Martel Insins.

These colouring-in postcards will be handed out at the launch party for my book One Year Wiser: 365 Illustrated Meditations. September 9th at Gosh! London. 7-9pm. All are welcome!

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Reblog if Steven universe has inspired you artistically

I’ve seen so much outstanding drawings from the fandom and outside sources that its really unbelievable along with other art forms like writing or animations that i just want to know , how many of you out there were given this sense of inspiration or creativity due to this show ! 



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