When I say I love you more, I don’t just mean I love you more than you could love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead. I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us. I love you more than any obstacle that could ever try and come between us.


happy sunday! a few things:

1) woah we’re at 2500 followers!! (I forgot to do 2000 lol) thanks for everyone’s support ♡

2) I started an art blog! I would really appreciate it if you’d check it out :) it’s . I also have an ig for art; it’s

3) I added mobile links as well as an about & faq page yay!

have a nice day!

anonymous asked:

Thank you for making such amazing art, every time you post it makes my day (sometimes even makes my week tbh) and you are inspiring me to start drawing again! Thank you for doing what you do and bless you for working so hard to make such beautiful art <3

No prob at all! ouo
Super happy that you are enjoying it ;A;
And also extremely honored that it’s something that can make your day, or even your week better!
I shall definitely continue working hard and producing pieces you can enjoy :D
Keep up the good work <3<3<3

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are there any artists in the fandom you draw inspiration from? :3

Oh yes and here is a list of the top ones i follow :))

@kitschdemotic love ya bean :)
















They are all amazing artists, some I know more then others so I can’t really have a say in what kind of person they are like but most-all of them really nice cool humans you shall follow them :))

lol now yall tagged on this what ya gonna do bout it lmao

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Hi I just followed o/ I would like to know if anything inspired you to draw Mao or Andre (or even the rest of the characters). If so, what is it? BTW I mentioned Mao first because its Mao

Sexy dudes

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FUVK ok Ima make this quick You inspired me to draw again. Like, depression made it hard for me to pick up my art stuff and draw so I stopped for like 6 months but then I found your blog and like... scrolling through your art made me want to draw again. I've been drawing again for a few months now and I'm getting so much better than I was. Thank you. I've sold some pieces and I've made enough money to get myself the medication I need for things. So thank you so so much you're amazing.

Oh my gosh!! I’m super duper Bradley Cooper glad that my shitty lil doodles could have such an impact on somebody! It means a whole lot! I’m also really happy that you could get your meds and sell some art! I hope your mental/emotional health keeps improving, and you stay motivated to do what you want and stuff!!

patronpepper  asked:

Where would you say you got your style from? And how do you draw inspiration for your art? It's so lovely~☆

My drawing style? I wouldn´t say i got it from anywhere, it came from drawing every day and just practicing hard! I get my inspiration from all kinds of stuff, whether it´s food, travels, youtube videos, music, Ghibli movies, an art exhibition, shops, cafés, an old memory of my childhood.. haha

so..Kyu baby left for the army and I was inspired to draw again. I’m in a lot fo pain because of my fucking teeth and I’ve been kinda down these past days so a major art block was in front of me the whole time. I was able to draw again thanks to this idea as I find quite simple to draw portraits for some reason… so I made this.

I feel shitty for not doing this for my bias when it was his time but let’s be honest I sucked balls back then… so Now when my babies come back I will draw Eunhae …hoping to be able to XD

I hope you like this…and be strong ELF he will come back stronger and his sweet voice will help us get through hard days ♥