Ok so hear me out, I know it’s not the best but I really wanted to share where other other fans would be able to appreciate and actually know who it is so here’s my first attempt at Lexa (and my first attempt at any human at all ever) and I’d love more practice so please shoot me some ideas of stuff to draw and I’d be more than happy to do some!

another star wars au cherik sketch (x)

padme!charl and anakin!erik au but where no one dies or goes vader ok

Grindcore breathes the life of others

So for some reason, before we got to see what Grindcore is in the comics, this is what I pictured it being right after hearing its name: A artificially sentient machine, serving as a base and prison for the Decepticons, that survives on Autobots and Decepticon traitors being hooked up to its outer walls and draining the energy from them, not enough to kill them though, so it can grow and engulf its victims, which means Grindcore itself is made of people slowly being turned into walls and machinery and becoming a huge living battery.
I don’t know why this immediately came to my head, but when I heard “Grindcore”, my first thought was “Grindcore is a machine powered by prisoners’ bodies”.