Weekly art challenge #3 - Go to a clothing webshop and draw your favorite character(s) in the first outfit that appears.

You can use every character you want from every game/movie/cartoon/anime or whatsoever!

Post you finished drawing with the tag “Weeklyshittchallenge” so I can see your results! Every week I shall reblog one of the drawings before posting a new weekly challenge. 

And remember, you can always do the challenge again or another time. Just draw when you feel like it. This challenge is meant to give you guys inspiration :)

Have fun drawing!

The drawing i made for the telephone game (please check the game out! *-*)

Untitled na We Heart It -

I probably should’ve done this a while ago but here’s a couple if my biggest art inspirations! These are their drawings, and I picked each image carefully to emphasize why. I guess this is just to show you all who I look up to and hopefully you can see the spirit of their work in mine. I’ll go through each one from starting from the top left to the bottom right, and I’ll share a link to each artist’s page but you should definitely check them out through their other social medias :)

Jin Kim -

When I first saw his work for Frozen and Tangled, it was like the first time I’ve really appreciated character concept art especially when it’s for 3D but reads well as a 2D sketch. I look forward to his character sheets everytime I find out he’s involved in a project. It’s because of him that I really like to focus on facial expressions and variety.

Elena and Olivia Ceballos -

Otherwise known as EliOli art as their handles on social media. Firstly, they are twin artists and that’s super super cool in my opinion. They are my color inspirations. All of their pieces carry a kinda of magical atmosphere in it and the way they seemingly easily evoke a certain emotion (seriously watch some of their process work) astounds me.

TB Choi -

One of the two on this list whom I found semi recently, around a year ago, who’s so good she almost immediately rose to one of my top inspirations. I swear I’m not the only one who thinks so because she’s gaining fans fast. What I love about her is that she reminds of Jin Kim in that she really knows how to use lines to convey complex shapes so well and the poses she uses are so dynamic that a simple action looks interesting. She also alternates between proportionate and detailed style character drawing to a simplified style which I really learn a lot from.

Alex Cho -

What I really love about his work is that he’s very distinct and I can immediately tell he drew something. He uses kind of a flat look that still creates the appearance of depth and is a really really good example of someone using their own design language to create compositions that work. I like to show people his Narnia drawings.

Mingjue Helen Chen -

She is the reason why I draw today, and I still like to tell people she’s my favorite artist. That’s because I stumbled upon her instagram and it was the first time I found out that it’s possible to make a living out of drawing stuff I like, as an artist that’s not just fine art stuff. I always struggle to find a way to translate the roughness and potential I see in preliminary sketches into a colored piece and she handles it so well. I use her brushes most of the time.

Celine Kim -

She is my composition goals. I love her work so much and she really knows how to present it. I struggle so much with balancing the details in rendering between characters and the background and they way she does it is so coherent. I love how she handles colors and lighting. She is the other semi recent find. She does a lot of fan art, too, which I love to see because like me she always puts her own spin in her interpretations.

Shiyoon Kim -

What I love so much about his work is how well he can make simple lines and shapes work. The fact that it looks so effortless shows how skilled he is. He is my inspiration for when I’m learning how to not overwork my drawings and learning not to get too attached to a piece instead of shortening the distance between my initial idea to the final piece so I don’t lose the thought within the process.

Jen Zee -

She did the art to Bastion and Transistor which are amazing games. I really like how she applies traditional painting techniques to her work. Everything I’ve seen from her always has a graphic designer-esque, poster quality kind of feeling. She was one of my earliest insipirations but at the time I didn’t seem too interested in drawings as a career. Back then I was still looking for my own look but she would be where I turned to first for those “how did they do this” moments.

Glen Keane -

I’m not sure if he has a page or something but honestly we all know who this is. It’s no surprise he’s one of my biggest inspirations; I constantly get told how my stuff reminds people of his work.The reason he’s here is because his work is, in my opinion, the symbol of the use of simplifying details to get to the point or the message in storytelling in art. He’s the reason why I value the pencil sketches so much. By eliminating over complicated shapes, folds, wrinkles, and focusing on body language, overall shape, exaggerated facial features and expressions, the way he does it, conveys the message far more easily in an appealing way.

Anyway thanks to anyone who bothered to read this haha Hopefully you have a deeper understanding of my thought processes when I art.

15 favorite anime opening/ending

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anonymous asked:

your art is so good im crying?? real tears??im crying!!! real tears!!!! ive never felt like this ever?? your art, it's just, your art!! it's so?? beautiful!!? the lines?? the colors?? EVERYTHING?? i dont know enough about art to properly compliment but i just had to say /something/ to try&express my awe and admiration of it. never in my life felt so moved by art. it's a little embarrassing actually. you are so talented. you inspire me to keep drawing. this is my favorite art blog in the world

this is so so so sweet, thank you so much!!!

Blushes and Brushes

Mr. Gold/Belle French, Teen+, 16,166 words

Summary: Gold hasn’t been inspired to draw or paint in ages, until he lays eyes on Belle French. When he accidentally leaves one of his drawings in the library, and she finds it, he decides that maybe the way to the pretty librarian’s heart is with a paintbrush.

Notes: For the lovely @ak-vintage. The prompt was “non-magical Storybrooke, blushes and brushes.” I had a delightful time being your Santa. I struggled so much to get this done on time. I did not expect life to attack the way it did and I’m so sorry this wasn’t more. I had just lofty plans and I had to drag them back down to Earth. There maybe be a naughty follow up epilogue in the next couple weeks, so watch this space. ;) This is posted as one long fic on Tumblr, but chapters on AO3.


It was wrong.

He knew it was wrong to watch her like this, hiding in the back of the library in the shadows of the reference section. The windows were high and a bit yellowed with age but still gave good enough light to see what he was doing. But the light up front? Oh, it was glorious. The wide front windows of the library let in cascades of afternoon sunlight making the marble floor gleam. The old wood paneling had a lovely warm glow to it as well, giving the old building a richness of life.

But the real beauty of the library was her.

Belle French.

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Last week’s winners were holydoodles, 5kindsofmagic, shadowking58 and deeriojims-colouring-book. I lost inspiration to draw after I got back to my city and after I got into Pokmons and started drawing damn Charizard I got inspiration back and found time to draw your long-expected sketches. I decided to color them since b/w piece doesn’t worth waiting for a week.

First winner aka holydoodles asked for SFW pic. NSFW part can be found here.

Yeah-yeah I’m actually taking requests, but read these rules first. “I’m new on your blog” isn’t an excuse, you faggot ;з

ALSO I WANTED TO WARN YOU that I’ll take a rest from requests and better start releasing my July art pack. I won’t be opening slots until I decide to do so, right after pack release.