So, last night, I managed to find m old Artsonia gallery. Artsonia is a school art website where teachers upload their students’ works. I hadn’t seen it since 2006, when I was in 7th Grade. That was the year I drew the piece on the left, titled “Celestia, Sorceress of the Stars” (I guess I was destined to be a Brony lmao) That took me 4 days to draw and color back then. Now, I always wanted to redraw an old piece, so I picked this one. On the right, you see a total of about 7 hours work in redrawing Celestia. I know I tend to get down on myself, but if this proves anything, it proves that with practice and effort, improvement is bound to come along. I was proud of my drawing as a kid, and I am now proud of the artist I have become. Never give up, never let haters tell you ou aren’t worth it. Because if you do, you’ll never know where you will end up. Surround yourself with people and fellow artists that push you to push your own limits and try new things.

These colouring-in postcards will be handed out at the launch party for my book One Year Wiser: 365 Illustrated Meditations. September 9th at Gosh! London. 7-9pm. All are welcome!

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Reblog if Steven universe has inspired you artistically

I’ve seen so much outstanding drawings from the fandom and outside sources that its really unbelievable along with other art forms like writing or animations that i just want to know , how many of you out there were given this sense of inspiration or creativity due to this show ! 



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