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Hey, has Lana ever explained why she loves the past so much? :)

She loves vintage film, classic jazz, retro style.. 

Here are a few quote from the last year or so:

“…the way he kind of created his own history and which allowed him to create his own future. I moved to the West Village (New York) because I loved this era in the 1960s when they were creating a new world.”  

“Fashion is inspired by youth and nostalgia.and draws inspiration from the best of the past.”

“I wasn’t even born in the 50s but I feel like I was there.I had a very ‘romantic’ vision of what a singer’s life should be.”

“I was not there in the 50’s but I feel I have been and then when I was living in New York, I had this dream idealized shared with other girls without doubt. Have a residency in a club where I would sing some classics, but also my own songs.”

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what are some things that inspire you to draw? like, your fav artists or musicians and things like that :0

Um I guess something that inspires me would, I guess, just kinda be anything I enjoy at the moment in time (like gravity falls right now). As for artists I usually get inspired by anyone I follow or my sister, My style is also inspired a lot by, that old fashioned anime style, things like doreamon. Other than that, sometimes I find myself just looking around a room, for things to draw, and getting inspired by those things. I just kinda draw whatever comes to my mind.

A Snow White Wish

Drawing inspired by this photo of the lovely Davina (davinciblr). Thanks for the permission to post this, Davina! I couldn’t help imaging you a bit as a modern Snow White here, and the play on words in the idea of making a wish while blowing a white dandelion puff was too much fun to resist. Again, I’m so glad you liked it! XD