"I find inspiration in many things, but I’m particularly attracted to open water, meeting people, and traveling. I’m the daughter of a sailor and a second-generation adventurer and explorer, so experiencing people and places outside of my comfort zone is what I live for." — Leney Breeden, knitwear designer and owner of Etsy shop A Girl Named Leney. Peek inside her studio in our post on the Etsy Blog

How come it’s so easy for us to see beauty in others, but so hard to see it in ourselves?
—  by My-safe—haven

Classic Soul

Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are at the heart of Thomas Edison’s legacy. He influenced the world with inventions including the motion picture, the electric light bulb and the creation of the first extensive Research and Development facility. Edison may be a figure from the history books, but these words are at the crux of what STEM is all about today. Here’s to the next generation of innovators and creators.