Don’t ever forget how hard you’ve worked to get to the point you’re at right now. All of those moments you chose to take the hard path over the easy path; it will all pay off.  It truly will.  Just be patient.

You are a child
asking about the whole world
running around
feeling like you are
in the best place ever
at home
in the Here and Now.

You are thankful and full,
exactly where you want to be
your whole life.

You are a child.
Be gentle to that child
who can be very foolish at times.
Be kind to that child
who creates silly things
with his hands.

Be gentle.
Be kind.
Don’t rush growth.
Don’t rush skill.
Don’t rush knowledge.
Don’t rush anything.

You are a child.
Grab that child by the hand
appreciate what he has done
appreciate his courage…no wait,
simply appreciate that he’s alive.

You are a child.
Be gentle.
Be kind.

~Aya Al-Hakim©

When you wake up, wake up with determination and gratitude that more opportunities are waiting. Each and every day is a gift, and another chance for us to make a positive impact.