your relationship doesn’t have to be toxic to be a bad one. it can be unfulfilling, exhausting, loveless. and someone doesn’t have to be terrible to you for you to leave them. if you aren’t primarily happy in your relationship, you have a valid reason to not be in it. don’t beat yourself up because your situation “could be worse.” if it isn’t what you want, you don’t have to stay in it.

You were a whole person before you met them. They did not ever complete you. They did not ever make you one. They may have added something to you for a while, but they have never and can never take away. Even if they hurt you. Even if they made you dependent on them. Even if they left you. Even amongst all their toxicity, you are still you, and you are still strong.

You were a whole person before them, and you will be a whole person after them as well.

— alhwrites // regarding toxic relationships

I don’t really watch Grey’s Anatomy but I had to publish this one (even if I’m sure it already exists here on tumblr!)
Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams because you’re a woman. You are strong and your values aren’t inferior to anyone else’s.
Happy women’s day