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Use everything you have to get where you want to be. Use every inch of fight, every ounce of courage and most importantly, every drop of your will. Things will never be a walk in a park, that is the joy of being alive, you must learn to face the mountains. If you really want it, the hard work will be worth it. Good luck.

If it is worth the fight by Amy Kennedy


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To maintain a relationship, you need to be apart from each other from time to time, otherwise the love you have for each other will lose its value.
—  Poets Love Her
In the hard times you will learn how to survive. The really hard, rock bottom, life hurts, hard times are the ones that will teach you how capable you are. Look back on these times as lessons learned, as mountains climbed and conquered. You are stronger than you ever were, you are more capable than anything that defeated you before.

when you survive by Amy Kennedy


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Some people can’t bring themselves to accept or believe other peoples’ experiences when those experiences are different from their own. They will try to force you into a story that doesn’t fit you. There is nothing you can do to convince these people. Don’t let anyone deny your experiences or your story. Turn away from the deniers and remind yourself, ‘My experience is real and valid. I own my stories. There are many ways to be. This is my way.’
—  Amythest Schaber
The universe does not always give you what you need in ways that you would expect to see it. Trust the unknown, believe in everything that is presented before you, sometimes the road is more of a beaten track, but it takes you to your bliss nonetheless. Have no fear. Focus on your goals through the sunshine and fog, and they will great you on the other side.

Beaten Track by Amy Kennedy


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I have been much happier, but, then again, I have also been much sadder.
—  (so I like where I am) an excerpt from a book I’ll never write
When the time comes to work, you better work. Work hard and stay focused on what you want, but always stay flexible with your methods, sometimes plan A just does not work. You are capable of every task you set your mind to no matter how big or how small. Never give up on yourself and what you want. There is a fighter within you.

More than successful by Amy Kennedy


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The only way to become a better person is to deal with the pain that comes afterwards.
—  Poets Love Her