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Sorry for the recent lack of activity. I had a series of minor breakdowns about college and the future so I decided to take a few days away from school and studying to bring myself back into a normal mindset. BUT I’M BACK NOW! This is march’s tracker, I remember someone inspired it but can’t come up with who it was…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The sky is the sky,
no matter what color
it shows you,
purple, red, orange or blue,
pink, white, black or gray,
it will always be that infinite space
that mesmerized us.
And you,
will always be you
no matter
how many times
you wished you were
someone else.
—  ma.c.a // You’re Changing, But You’re Still You
Mind over matter, the age old saying. It remains as true as the sky is blue, and yet we still question our own power to succeed. You will struggle to do well if you are telling yourself that you won’t before you even start, and you will not even begin to do mediocre when you are staring up at the mountain ahead and already talking yourself out of climbing it. You are your greatest enemy, competition and threat. Let yourself triumph, tell yourself you are in control of your future, and you will be.

stare down the mountain by Amy Kennedy


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