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Every day is another chance for you to get out into the world and shine your light. So go forward confidently. Show leadership. Make a positive difference.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

It takes a lot of strength to be a great leader. It involves confidence, perseverance, being betrayed and denied, and showing never ending loyalty to one’s own beliefs.

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Why Leaders Listen

This is a lesson Nelson Mandela learned from his father. 
(I heard it from public speaker and thought leader Simon Sinek - @simonsinek - in one of his talks about leadership)

According to Sinek the great Nelson Mandela once was asked by a journalist,

“How did you become a great leader?” 

Mandela being the son of a tribal chief (Hendry Mphakanyiswa of the Tembu Tribe) 


“I remember going to tribal meetings with my father and I remember two things. 

We always sat in a circle and my father was always the last to speak” 

We’re are social animals. We communicate and communication is listening and talking… but leadership is the practice of being the last to speak.

Very often, you see this in boardrooms, an executive will walk in and say 

“Here’s the problem, here’s what I think we should do but I’m interested in what you all think.” 

The problem: It’s too late!


  • people either change their opinions based on what the authority said 
  • or they start agreeing with each other 
  • or they just don’t give you their candid answers and they no longer feel heard because the executive has already weighed in. 

A true leader would say: 

“This is the challenge we face I want to know what you think” - without rendering any opinion and then listening and trying to understand.

Important: not giving any hints of agreement or disagreement (!) but rather trying to understand the reason that somebody has that opinion and stating it back in their terms simply to be clear that there’s agreement. 

By the time you get around the table and get back to the leader, everyone feels heard and the leader has the benefit of different perspectives. 

Even if the leader decides to decide differently from what someone in the room believes, everyone feels like they contributed. 

That’s leadership.

Don’t conform with the rest of the crowd. Get up. Rise up. Take charge and lead the rest of the pack.

Today marks the anniversary of John Paul Jones’ command of the Continental Navy sloop Ranger (1777). While commanding Ranger, he was the first ship to receive an official salute to the Stars and Stripes by a foreign nation, France, in Quiberon Bay.

His connection to France goes much deeper. Years later, Napoleon supposedly spoke these words to Marshal Berthier following his historic naval defeat at Trafalgar. Jones died in Paris in 1792 following a brief career as a Rear Admiral in the Imperial Russian Navy. He is buried in his crypt at the Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis, MD. 

A good leader can engage in a debate frankly and thoroughly, knowing that at the end he and the other side must be closer, and thus emerge stronger. You don’t have that idea when you are arrogant, superficial, and uninformed
—  Nelson Mandela