The only thing you need in life is the outlook that everything is going to be perfect. The universe is on your side, make sure that side is a positive one. You can only do what your mind believes, and when your mind believes in your abilities, what else can you do but succeed? You can manifest all you wish, and you can create anything. Let the world be your oyster, it is time for you to be happy.

It is time for happiness by Amy Kennedy


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It’s sad you haven’t aged a day
And no good news ‘til end of May
Though even then will you prove wrong
You’ve no idea my strength, how strong
—  Stephenstilwell “Aged a Day”

anonymous asked:

Today (or rather, this entire week) I felt proud because I've been able to stay strong even though my ex-friend keeps gossiping and insulting me and my other friends.

You are so so resilient and you are going to come out the other side so so much stronger!!!

Wake up and be ready to work hard. The universe has given you everything you need to succeed, stop holding yourself back because you are comfortable. There will be times when the security of what you are use to will be dominant in your mind, but it is not what you truly want. Get up and push yourself, you are more than capable.

Security blanket by Amy Kennedy


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