In the ISS (International Space Station)

America *Writing*: It’s just mostly me and Russia up here… We seem to do all the work. I don’t mind that. I’ve been hitching rides with the Russians for a while now. 

*Russia enters and passes America, who glances up briefly.*

America *Continues to write*: We’re trying to privatize the space companies to send more Americans up ourselves. Things are getting rocky with Russia again. They seem harder and harder to get along with….

Russia: Good morning, Al. Would you like anything to eat?

America *Outloud*: No thanks, big guy. *Back to writing* But we’ve always gotten along up here. I think we both know we need to, to survive. 

America: *Pauses, then finishes writing.* But maybe it’s more than that, sharing our passions, getting along. It’s… nice, anyways.  

Do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?
—  Rumi (via OptimisticallyAstray

“You destroyed my sand castle and are now attempting to defend yourself by insulting my hard work. Oops, didn’t mean to dump a pail of water on your head.”

Belle et Heureuse année 2017/ Happy New Year to Everyone !

Photo:Robert Frank- Untitled [Children with Sparklers in Provincetown],1958. 

I am adulterated by my worldly thinking and damaged by my selfish ways
As temptation flows in and my ship begins sinking, my only lifesaver is His grace
He holds my world in His open arms, mindless to the mess I’ve become
For broken pieces and shattered hearts are no problem for The One
The One who told me to never fear,
praise Him and to never worry
The One who’s Son dried my tears, and is coming to rescue without hurry
Unworthy is the only word to depict how I feel,
when it comes to Him,
how do I begin?
Although I sin, His mercy is surreal
And with His redemption, this battle I’ll win
—  what’s the point in fighting when He’s already won for me?

After I read more about the Dragonball Highschool AU from finalassflash (, I came to this comic idea since Zamasu is portrayed as one of this conspiracy-guys in this au and since Beerus is a human there, I couldn’t resist the jokeXD

Thank you for the inspiriation


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You are more than everything they ever called you, or everything they did not. You will never be limited by the boundaries they set for you, you are more than just another sheep following down the same tired path. You are limitless. You are as free as you so wish and your dreams are valid no matter how big or small. They try to define you and keep you down because they are afraid. Afraid to see you do better, afraid to see you live a way they do not understand. Afraid to let you be you, but that is all you will ever be.

You are more than they tell you by Amy Kennedy