This is a Stupidly Happy Comic About the Very Real Pain of Heartbreak

Imagine a box.

It’s sturdy and strong, just like it should be.

Imagine that your relationship was like that box.

Sturdy and strong, and bright with hope.

You’re both giving 100% of yourselves, working in sync to make it great.

For a while, you’re really, really happy.

Nothing can go wrong.

Till it does.

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Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes uses traditional black pen to create marvelously intricate, whimsical and heavily patterned drawings. Rosanes’ artworks are made in a gorgeous mosaic principle, where thousands of separate details and characters join together in a massive composition, just like the cells in a living organism. The 23-year-old artist considered these doodles to be just a hobby until his talent was noticed and acknowledged by design and art blogs, international magazines and online communities, giving him opportunities to turn his passion into a freelance job. Here’s Rosanes’ new drawing, called “Time Guardian”, inspired by Steampunk aesthetics.

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no one, no one will ever be as sweet, as genuine, as kind and bright and warm as jung hoseok 

And as fragile as the world has made you feel, as many times as you’ve been chipped away at, you still remain:
still trying
still fighting
still surviving.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (309/366)
You are more than everything they ever called you, or everything they did not. You will never be limited by the boundaries they set for you, you are more than just another sheep following down the same tired path. You are limitless. You are as free as you so wish and your dreams are valid no matter how big or small. They try to define you and keep you down because they are afraid. Afraid to see you do better, afraid to see you live a way they do not understand. Afraid to let you be you, but that is all you will ever be.

You are more than they tell you by Amy Kennedy