Business cards by Moo

Recently I made an order for a few business cards that I just had to make a post about.

Moo is an online business that creates business cards for you! They give you pre-designed templates (or you can create your own design and then upload it) and all you must do is put your information in and then they ship them to you! For mine I got a nice and sleek design and then went farther with getting my actual photos printed on the reverse side of the card itself. As a photographer you want to share your work so what better way than to do it with your card itself! Moo offers really high quality paper card stock as well with a smooth finish to it and the print quality is superb. If you are looking to get some cards made they don’t cost as much as you would think, I ordered 100 of them for around $40 and then went on to get this sleek and just awesome case that holds them for an extra $10. 

Inspirez is a community of passionate individuals dedicating their time to the awareness of creativity in the world. We work to enlighten the world of design, art, photography, and many other areas of human creation, innovation, and inspiration.

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