A soul mate isn’t someone that will bring out the better in you, they will be the person that inspires you to be better. They are the ones that stay with you when hell awakens, and when walls come tumbling down. A soul mate is the one that tells you to get yourself together. They tell you when you think all hope is lost to get up and continue on because life won’t just change for you, it won’t change simply, it needs someone to change it; like a baby needing its mother, the
earth needs everyone to nurture and take care of it. Your soul mate is your heaven, hell and afterlife. Your soul mate is the person at the other side of the post office waiting for your letters. Your soul mate is the one that yearns to make you laugh, to make you smile and show them each and every second that life does give you happiness in the little things.

Sunny Leone Inspires Elli Avram