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i’m just thinking about taako and angus making ice cream and mags is just…eagerly waiting to try some, waiting for it to churn and begging them to use some magic to make it freeze faster (which for obvs reasons taako is adamantly against) and finally after hours of waiting taako scoops him a bowl and like before taako can even scoop angus one mags has already scarfed it down and waiting for more and angus gets a kick out of it so taako lets it slide..but he does it again so taako flings a scoop at his face and anyway this is how they find out that magnus is allergic to milk as he breaks out in a rash immediately 

“I’m always afraid that the public will scorn songs about happiness out of a disbelief that it is genuine.” — Julien Baker on learning to articulate joy in her music.

Things that are inspiring her right now:

The novel Gilead by Marilyn Robison (a recommendation from the ever-wise Lucy Dacus).

The poetry of Beyza Ozer, a poet recommended by Morgan Martinez, editor of Hooligan Mag (an inspiring person in her own right).

The art of Kazuo Shiraga.

The bands PWR BTTM and Camp Cope; their music, their social commentary, their unapologetic commitment to change through art, honestly just them as people, all of it.

The paintings and zines of Ariel Baldwin, great pal/Memphis-native/Chicago-resident, makes some really provocative and powerful art about healing.

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We at the Church talk a great deal about the genius of Mona May and the lasting impact of her haute costume concepts. But to fully appreciate the boldly original ultra-femme fashion worn by our favorite silver-screen Betties, we must compare it to what everyone else was sporting in the ‘90s (after all, nobody dressed like Cher and Dionne until Clueless hit).

Complex Mag gives us a nostalgic tour of The 90 Greatest '90s Fashion Trends, particularly those worn by all the young dudes – with a nod to the ensembly challenged, the fashion victims and everyone in between.

Harper’s Bazaar // The New Bohemian // August 2015
Model: Vanessa Moody
Photographer: Nathaniel Goldberg
Fashion Editor: Tom van Dorpe
Hairstylist: Vi Sapyyapy
MUA: Mathias van Hooff

7 Ways Relationships Change Over Time

It is inevitable, long-term relationships provide comfort, love and support. At the benign everyone tries to put their best foot forward, but as the relationship settle you learn each other’s quirks and secret habits you do when you think nobody is watching.

Comic artist Sarah C. Anderson composes hilariously honest illustrations, which capture the authenticity and grit of being in love and comfortable. The artist behind “Sarah’s Scribbles,” Anderson recently published a book called Adulthood is a Myth: A Sarah’s Scribbles Collection, where she doodles the existing challenges of adulthood in our society.

We urge everyone to check our her realistic and hilarious blurbs below.

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Elle Romania // “In Spirit Rock n’ Roll” // May 2015

Model: Iulia Cirstea
Photographer: Michael Groeger
stylist: Cristina Craciun
Hairstylist: Riad Azar
MUA: Renee Garnes


Have I ever uploaded these here? I don’t think I have.
This is pretty old; I drew it around the time where the English-speaking Kirby fandom was almost done freaking out over Taranza. I thought Magolor would be pretty jealous of the attention the spider was getting.


“ … but mine is just beginning.”

Captain America: Steve Rogers #17

I’m posting this scene all together because I don’t think it makes much sense in pieces. It’s the only scene where Magneto appears, or is mentioned, in the book. I have some comments.

  • Would Magneto be so unsurprised by Hydra!Cap? It’s difficult to say. This characterization is pretty compatible with the way I write him, but it does jar slightly with past canon - at one point, Magneto declared the deepest respect for Steve Rogers as a person and said that he was truly unprejudiced. On the other hand, he’s a cynical bastard, he’s clearly no big fan of the American government, and he doesn’t really know Steve personally. He’s also not an easy person to surprise in general. So, while previous canon has written their relationship differently, I don’t know that I really disagree with this characterization of Magneto. 
  • This is actually a pretty smart villain plan. Trying to fight the mutants would be a bad idea. Putting Xorn in power and not consulting Magneto would be a bad idea. Trying to deal with Magneto by putting him in power of a rogue state would be a REALLY bad idea. But consulting Magneto’s opinion before putting Xorn in power is a pretty good idea. I’m just not sure if Magneto would agree to it. Which brings me to my next point …
  • What’s in this for Magneto? Is this really a good deal from Magneto’s perspective? Sure, it creates a new mutant nation, which is something Magneto has wanted in the past, but at the cost of forcibly expelling quite a lot of American mutants. Is that something he wants? Additionally, Magneto in current continuity is not the Magneto who took over Genosha. Right now, he claims to want to see Xavier’s dream of equality come to pass. How does that fit in with this? Certainly the X-Men, whom he’s overseeing currently, wouldn’t approve. Is he doing this behind their backs? Does this encounter take place before or after his alliance with the X-Men? Does Magneto even accept the offer?
  • And then there’s the big question
  • The elephant in the room
  • That question being
  • WHO THE FUCK WOULD WANT THE RED SKULL’S DECAPITATED HEAD?! Who. Seriously. That’s disgusting. I have a hard time imagining Steve Rogers, no matter how twisted he is in this AU, actually wanting to keep that particular ‘trophy.’ The thing is, Skull just isn’t that important to him. Skull’s world revolves around Steve, but Steve really just wants Skull to fuck off.  This isn’t a Xavier-and-Magneto archenemies relationship; Skull is Steve’s creepy fucking stalker who won’t leave him alone, and Steve’s only interest is protecting the people Skull would threaten. Why would Steve want Skull’s head? Why wouldn’t he just chuck it? Good riddance to bad rubbish! And as for Magneto, he’s only met Skull, like, twice. Three times if you count the cameo in Incarnate, but Mags doesn’t know about that. I don’t think Magneto would dignify Skull with keeping that kind of “trophy” either. He doesn’t give a shit either. 
  • This is all assuming that Magneto and Steve just want that head because it’s the Red Skull’s. But it’s also possible that they want it because Skull, in one of the more stupid comic book plots of recent years, took part of Charles Xavier’s brain and inserted it into his skull. That means that some part of Xavier’s powers and/or mind might still be in there. It’s pretty obvious why Magneto would want that - even if he’s smart enough not to try to use it to resurrect Charles, he could at least give that part of Charles a proper burial. 
  • But if Steve wants the head for its connection to Xavier, that inevitably implies that he was thinking of dissecting it in some grisly way to access Xavier’s mind control powers. I’m willing to believe Hydra!Cap is twisted enough to want that. But I have to think that if you’d considered something like that, you’d be SMART ENOUGH NOT TO SAY IT TO MAGNETO’S FACE. Surely if that’s what he wanted it for, he should be pretending he had no use for it and being like “nbd, just some trash I was gonna throw away, maybe you’ll find some use for it.”