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Please stay off my page. You arent any better than me by making fun of me. This doesnt concern you. Seriously stop. Or you'll be very very sorry .

This is hilarious.

Recap, this kid told thatsnothowitworks that he deserves to die. So I sent this kid a message asking how he would feel if someone really did kill themselves as result of of seeing that message. And I let him know that telling someone that they should die is low. That’s all.
Please tell me how that’s making fun of you?  

Proof here.

I’ll be very sorry? HAHA. I’d like to see that you fucking moronic son of a bitch. Try your hardest. Bring all you got and see what happens. Go hard son, just don’t tell people to kill themselves or anything along those lines, and we will be good. Bring it cunt.

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And want to know why? Because if Demi. I am in fact truly head over heels for demi which sounds stupid but i dont care. I can't help my feelings but i know i will never meet her which i came to terms with. She has helped me threw every hardship i have had and i just want everyone to know that I am happy because of her being there for me. IT DOES GET BETTER. Stat strong<3